Monday, 30 May 2011


This song put me in a good mood today.....

Thursday, 26 May 2011

From one Shore to another

Yes. This is a true TV trailer for a real TV show.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you "Geordie Shore." Uk's version of "Jersey Shore."
At first glance, when I saw the trailer on the telly, my eyes did a complete 180. They rolled like nobody's business.  I was like, "Um, no.  No one can emulate the beautiful guidos and guidettes that grace MTV's channel." But the more and more they showed the trailer, (which was pretty often.  I guess the more you show it, they will come.) and the fact that I obsess over "Jersey Shore" like it's no one's business,  I had to give it at least one try and see what this show was all about.

That was a bad idea, because......yeah.....I'm already addicted.

Although these characters are uncannily similar to those of the OG shore show, and the situations that take place also seem like deja' vu, I actually am able to push all of the biter status aside, and enjoy these UK characters.  They are complete hilar.  I mean, first of all, the guys are the nerdier version of the cool macho Jersey guys.  It's pretty endearing though. I think it's cute. And just like the Jersey fellas, they pull all types of easy BZs back to the pad and shag like no other. The gals are a lot more glam than the Jersey chicas, but over the top still. Also, the make-up on all of them combined can create a whole new chain of products.  They wear that much.  Another thing, that just makes me giggle to bits, is the fact that, just like the Jersey peeps, they tan like no one's business.  The only thing is, they are so fake tanned, they have created a new shade of orange.  It's WONDERFUL!

WHen I first watched the show, I mainly wanted to watch it to learn what the Hell a Geordie was. Pretty much it's a Guido from Essex. And for those of you who have no idea what Essex people are like, just think Beverly Hills.

Here, let Wikepedia tell you all about them.

Despite the fact that I tend to rewind certain clips due to the fact that I am Geordie accent impaired, the fools just entertain me by their body language and the way the look.  It amuses me so.  Another thing that I love about this show is that because I am not residing in prude little USA, the MTV here is a bit more lenient on their foul language and graphic sex scenes.  It makes me feel like a little kid watching a porno.  I know I shouldn't be watching it, because it's bad, but I'm a curious cat and it's just cool to watch!

If any of you could somehow find a way to watch this show in the states, I HIGHLY recommend.  I know I may have bad taste in shows. It's my guilty pleasure.  To me, the trashier the better....but just try it.  It's a good time....

Also...check this link out to meet the cast.  They're flippin fantastic

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I'm with the Band

As I am sitting here on my couch wearing a non matching short and t-shirt set, I have suddenly been inspired to blog about a fashion trend that I have been noticing ova heah.


I've always been a lover of headbands.  There was even a time where I almost OD'ed on headbands, because I was a frequent user, and refused to stop.  I actually blamed my frequent usage on laziness.  Now, that I have more time to actually comb and fix my hair, headbands haven't really visited my head of tresses as much as it used to.  Until now......

Yes my dears, Headbands are back in fashion, and once again, I am a user.....

Although the headbands like so

have been on the trend wagon for quite some's another type of headband that I have allowed on this dome of mine.  This type of headband is the hot piece at the moment, and they way these women wear these, make me want to grab their heads and cuddle them with glee.

Pretty damn cute.

Back in the day when headbands were as much a part of me as my nose, I tended to wear these pieces of cloth in a bohemian type of style.  I think I chose to wear it that way because I was an art student in college, and STARVING.  So being in that category, I immediately thought that I should fit the part and dress bohemian.

But that was me.

As I walk the streets of England, these colored pieces always pass my eye level. No matter what they wear this accessory with, their hair always looks great.  

One thing that amazes me about this accessory trend, is that, I have seen headbands worn with various types of outfits.  Be it sweats, dresses, shorts with tights, a bathing suit, it's like ketchup with anything.  Yummy.  WHo would have thought that a small piece of cloth can make such a huge fashion statement?

Yeah, I'm with this trend.....

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Bath Time

It's a beautiful sunny morning, my last Saturday off, and a week past a glorious visit to a glorious city. First of all, let me clarify what I meant by last Saturday off.  Yes BZs, I am officially off the unemployment list.  I got a jobby job!  Thank you, thank you.  Now mama can bring home some scrumptious bacon for me and the hubby to enjoy.  :)

So exactly a week ago today, the hubby and I decided to do a little last minute excursion after finding out that I became part of the workforce.  Setting our sights high by planning on going on a little weekender to another foreign land, it was soon ruined the by the idea of being broke for 2 weeks.  So we opted for a lighter option, and that was pick a place in England, and visit the hell out of it.  So we did, and this is where we went
This beautiful place called BATH.  

I must recommend to all people planning on setting foot on UK soil a visit to this place over yonder.  First of all, IT's DAMN BEAUTIFUL!
I mean, look
Beautiful streets. A little FYI, these streets were specially made high, to hold houses that housed the "pretty" people of Bath.  They were made high to avoid these "pretty" people from getting mud on their "pretty" clothes.  Vain.

Beautiful flats and their doors....

...and their columns...I put this one in for the Art buffs.  How amazing is the facade of this building????? I almost gizzed in my pants because this building had THREE different styled columns.  Yes, THREE!  Yeah, I'm an art nerd like that.  After grabbing the hell out of the lover's muscles, he looked at me as though I were some psycho nerd watching Starwars in 3D or something.  Whatevs....I got my hobbies....

Beautiful Roman baths

And beautiful children dancing beautifully to music in the streets.  

This place just oozed heart melt.  Every corner I turned, caused more mouth gaping, and eye widening on my face.  I was scared that if someone were to slap me on the back, that I may have had a permanent face that would have looked similar to this
And although I love art to bits, this was one art piece I did not want to sport on my face 24/7.

So let me talk about me and the hubby's journey.  First of all we did our favorite tour bus
The notorious "City sightiseeing Hop on and Off" tour bus.  This bus is amazing.  Not only does it give you a thorough tour of the city of your choice worldwide, but it also plays the the part of a taxi.  We can literally "hop on and off," hence the name, and galavant around any tourist spot we want.  I heart this bus.  I want to marry this bus, and create multiple mini buses with it.  No, not really, but in my heart I do.'s my little plug for that company....I should be getting some kind of referral discount or something.  (If any of you readers work for this company, or maybe even OWN this company, please take that thought into consideration.  Just sayen....)

But anyways, if it weren't for the bus, those previous pictures would not have existed.

Another thing that I loved about this bus here in Bath was that me and my por vida were the youngest folks on the tour.  I don't know what it is about them, but I get all geelgy whenever I see the elder and wiser people on vacay.  They seem so hip to me.  

So after this bus ride, and snapping pictures like crazy, all the while having to try and dodge tree branches and have frequent visits from falling foliage on my head and face, me and Ricardo then visited the place which Bath is most famous for.  The Roman Baths.
This place was amazeballs

Sigh....It's like I traveled to Italy via teleport.  
 First of all, the architecture was just like that of the beautiful country that holds a key to my heart.
Probably because the Romans used to once live in this glorious England city.
Here's some more info about the history and shizz on Bath and the Roman Baths


So Anyways, as I walked onto the same limestones that the Romans once touched, because these Baths are still OG material and condition, I felt like sporting a toga and speaking Latin.  Because Togas are not a hot fashion trend and no one would have understood my Latin, I remained normal.
So walking through these well kept ruins kept my imagination whirl winding.  Just think, naked Romans once frolicked within these walls, conversed about life, shedded the dirt off their back, hooked up, GTL'd, fist pumped, and everything else cool.  

I seriously did not want to leave the Baths.  It was just to out of this world, totally.  The only thing that got me excited to leave were the wonderful little shops outside waiting to collect my money.  So we left, deposited money until last cashier closed, and homested became or new destination. 

I must admit, as we were leaving Bath, I kept looking back with whistful eyes, and my hand reached out.  Like a little poor child in the movies leaving their parents to live their life as a young wife to an older richer man.  I watch too much TV. But yeah.....I was like that.

Sigh....I miss that place so.....I need a Bath....soon. 

Friday, 20 May 2011

More cool stuff

So this week I've been concentrating on my other Etsy store.  The store that I put my blood sweat and tears into.  My "Aimes Design" store.  I've been trying to pump out some new cards, and tags, and shizz like that for people to enjoy, and hopefully buy.  Check it out and please help spread the word for this starving artist.  :)  Hope you like what you see!  And if you do.  BUY IT!  But no pressure.

Also....feel free to check out my sister shop!

ONE MORE!!!! Please, also check out my good friend's jewelry as well.  They're Purty.  

Straight Tear Jerker

I'm crying like a baby as I blog this. How sweet is this proposal???


Thursday, 19 May 2011

#1 por vida forever

One thing that sucks about being overseas, is missing out on certain TV shows. Although the UK has some FAB ones over here.....not all of them feature the same people that I drool over in the states.
Take this one for instance. My numero uno on my, "Who I would like to boink" list. The lovely and seeeexay Pitbull.
When I heard that he performed on "Dancing With the Stars" via Twitter, I almost threw my phone at the Telly. I was so upset I missed this yummy Latino man thrusting his crotch in the air to rhythmic beats. But after gaining my composure, I thought about Youtube. Thanks Youtube, you saved my Tv's life
So here's the clip that I missed, and I have watched it several times, all the time feeling like a pervo watching a young woman riding a horse. I swear, Besides my hubby, of course, Pitbull is the only man that makes me feel like that. Daaaaaaaleeeeee!!!!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Every morning, for some odd reason, I've been waking up with this song in my noggin. IDK why. But I'm happy I am. I LAV this song.
Or maybe I'm just obsessed with this Bitch. Rwar!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Oh you Fancy huh?

OK.  English class is in session again.

Guess what?  Today's word is actually going to be a phrase today.  Yaaaay!  Today's phrase is "Fancy dress."

First, when you hear this word, what do you think of?
Well, when I first heard it, the first thought that popped into my mind was Swizz beats rappin with Mary J Bleige and my number 8 (who, btw...will be closer to number one in a future blog) Drake.  I mean, "fancy dress" to me is nails did,

 hair did,

everything with swag,

 fresh and so clean clean, glam, pretty much, TA-DOW!  Anything that would make, "Oooooh you're so fancy," ooze with awe out of my mouth is what I would call "fancy dress."

Well. England style, that phrase has taken on a whole other meaning.  "Fancy Dress" defines this.....

Looking.  Bloody.  Rediculous.

Get the idea?  Yes, so pretty much if you were to define this type of dress in the states, it would be called "costume party" or "dress up."

So yeah, I've been watching this show over here where it consists of people throwing a dinner party for 4 or 5 different strangers to win some money.  Well, in a majority of the invites, "fancy dress"is requested by the host.  
I must say, when I first heard that phrase on the show, and saw the host appear in a costume, so much criticism had arisen into my fashionable mind.  First of all, she dressed up as a clown.  At first thought, I was like " oooh girl looks like a clown! Someone needs to do her make-up,  she is soooo not fancy."  I wanted to jump into the TV and hold up some fab looking threads up to her to show her what fancy looked like.  Then, the next guest on the show appeared, and they were dressed like a witch.  Right then and there, I was so damn confused.  I seriously believed that the Brits has some horrible taste.  Then I rewinded the show to see if I heard the dress code was right, because things do tend to sound different in an accent.  Yup, 
"fancy dress."

Lordy, I looked so lost.  And then I realized....OOOOOk, fancy dress = Dress up.  
Then, I also realized, thank God no one invited me to a fancy dress party.  I totally would have glammed up to the nines thinking I looked absolutely awesome, when in actuality, I got the whole theme wrong.  I would have done a Bridget Jones in a bunny suit. HELLA  MODED!

But yeah.  That's the definition of "Fancy Dress."  

So in future British parties that you may attend that require that type of dress...please make this your official  advice session is preventing a fashion faux pas.

You're welcome.

Class dimissed. 

Friday, 13 May 2011


This made me LOL so. I wish my little KT would talk to me too.....

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Oh Yeah.....fatty.....

Because of England, my ass has officially created its own little village.  It's gotten pretty massive.  I mean, it's always been pretty hefty, but now it's just......TA DOW!  I know it's pleasing to most of the opposite sex's eyes, including the love of my life, but when I put on a pair of pants that used to be my regular size....and seeing the effect my ass has on those once, "used to be my size" pants, it's not a pretty sight.

But despite my growing hindside, thanks to England,   TV and yummies have frequently occupied my mouth with such joy.  Then the joy later pays a visit to other parts of my body.  Further forming a  meeting point south of my anatomy....hence creating my village.  But I'm not dwelling upon it....I just mention it a lot, to make myself feel better......yah know?

So let's talk about one of the many joys that visit my food made village.  It's called Banoffee pie.

Now, I've heard of this pie when I was still a Cali resident, but ever since I got here, boy, it's  EV- ERRR- EEEE- WHERRRE!  I see it on the telly, in every cooking book, supermarkets, menus, on a spoon about to enter my mouth, yes, everywhere.  At first when I saw this sweet in writing...being that banana was part of the name, I refused to try it.  Bananas are not my steelo.  They are the only fruit that make my throat itch for some strange reason.  Just a little FYI.... but yeah, I don't really care for them. day, when the lover and I attended a potluck, me, being a dessert lover, made a mad dash for the desserts because homemade desserts are always Yum-O.  After seeing what was brought, I was highly disappointed.  Nothing was worthy of my drool.  They. Looked. Horrible.  Except for this one little pie that exuded yum.  It was a banoffee pie.  Being desperate to try something sweet, I took a slice.  That slice later turned into 2...and I was hooked.

So shaking like a crack addict, I then researched for recipes.  But then, thanks again to England, TV shows tended to get in the away of my research studies....and my homemade banoffee pie was never conceived.    Then during one of me and the hubby's supermarket excursions, it was right then and there this crack addict found her permanent dealer.  The supermarket down the street from my heez carries ready made banoffees pie.....and I must say, they are pretty legit.  

So after squealing with glee, I grabbed a box, purchased it like a kid in a candy shop, rushed home and birthed the banoffee pies out of the plastic shopping bag.  I then took out one ramekin and my eyes grew to the size of golf balls.  First of all, this bad boy comes in glass dishes.

Second of all, the packaging looked mad posh.  I'm a sucker for pretty looking things.

 Third of all, after making my first scoop, my mouth felt sexy.
Seriously, it felt like this

 All kinds of obscenities where going on in my mouth right then and there.

This is why this was so good.  The top layer was chocolate, which comes in handy once a month.  Then underneath the chocolate are 2 creamy layers of come kind of cream and smooth toffee.  (BTW, the toffee over here in England is a good mixture of caramel and condense milk.'s the devil.)  Then the end of your banoffee bite is a layer of the crust.  I must say, the crust is my favorite part.  When I munch on it, it's like I'm chewing a spoonful of sugary sand.  Crunchy and sweet, rather than soggy and tasteless.  Pretty impressive for a ready made dessert in a supermarket.  But my whole banoffee pie experience doesn't end until every part of that ramekin is scraped, or even licked dry.  It's too precious to waste any of its goodness.  This is actually the closest thing I have had that was better than sex.

Anyways......I had to recently contain myself from emptying out the shelf each week of this dessert, due to my expanding village.  So from buying these each week, I then made it to once a month....during the time when sweets are a must to sooth my mood.  And I must tell you whenever that time of the month comes, I eat that banoffee pie with such joy, therefor increasing my village population.  Thanks England.


Although, I have no idea what they are saying, I think this song is mad beautiful!
I love these asian chicas!


So I was updating myself by browsing through some fashion blogs, and I came upon this outfit.

I LAV IT!  It totally encapsulates all that I wear clothes for.  Simplicity, vintage, comfort, with a bit of rwar!  Just thought I'd share that with you lovely readers.  That is all.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Boy is the new Sexy

Most men that I have encountered in my life, always told me that they loved my long hair.  In fact, they preferred women with long hair because they thought it was sexy.  After hearing that all my life and having one little  short do' mishap, I began to believe that those long hair myths were true.  I seriously thought that if you wanted to look exotic or yummy sexy, long hair would help you get to that position.  Also, after extensive research of staring at other women, I discovered the amount of women with long hair and boyfriends over took the single women with short hair.

WELLLL after residing over here for some time already and seeing a different type of fashion sense.... I now beg to differ.

Hot dayum!  I seriously think that short hair is dang SEXAY.  I mean, if you could pull off a short do' and still have sexy ooze from your persona, then yeah.  You're sexy.  Looking at the couples over here, I've discovered that most of them have matching haircuts.  It's awesome though.  Whenever I see a woman with a pixie type haircut walk past me, I zone out and look like a crazed lunatic with a foot fetish.  I just cannot believe that someone could have hair that short and still look so feminine.  

I'm super close to actually joining the short hair cult.  Some of these Bitches just make it look so cute!
Here's a few examples of tresses walk around the UK streets


When I first saw this commercial during the Superbowl this blew my socks off. This commercial is so smart. So brilliant. So simple. Although I must admit, I did forget about this during my move back to the UK. Until today. I caught it on the telly today, and once again, my socks were blown off. Anywho....enjoy this badass commercial. LAV LAV LAV!!!!!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Royal Occasion

When I was little lass, not only did I want to be a Princess, but I wanted to be Prince William's Princess.  When in high school, I actually planned out how me and Prince William were going to meet, fall in love, and woo over the United Kingdom.  Well, fortunately, that didn't happen.  I happily married my own type of Prince, and Wills married a woman so well worth of that future Queen title.  Although deep down, I knew it should have been me....Just Sayen.

Anyways, almost a week ago, my could have been soulmate did as I did a couple years previous.  Got locked in that ball and chain....happily, of course.  Prince William got married, and though I was not there next to him a the altar.....I was less than a mile away,  smushed like a sardine in a British sardine can.

Yes, my friends, I was on the same stomping ground as the future King and Queen of England, and less than a mile away.  I was actually right outside the place of their vows along with other nationalities from around the world.  I felt as though I was in a stew mixed in with all kinds of ingredients.  It was yummy!  Like the other billion people who were there to celebrate this joyous occasion, I was armed with my camera, my Wills and Kate flag,

and this cool little contraption that they were passing out on the streets FO FREE!  Holla!

This clever little bugger was a a generic telescope type of thingy that allowed the vertically challenged to see over those people born with the tall gene, in hopes of spotting someone famous.  I must tell you, without this cardboard box, I know I would have "accidentally" pushed someone aside or "accidentally"  hit someone constantly in the head until they moved out of my way.  It was not only my lifesaver, but someone else's as well.  One thing that I must add about this contraption was this.  Being that England was going to be infested with all sorts of tourists, including naive little Americans, there were those hustlers on the streets who thought that selling these things  would be appropriate.  Good thing I have no job, otherwise, my money would have bought 5 of those badboys.  

Onwards.  So as me and the hubby and couple of friends, nested ourselves within the B.O. and UK pride on the streets of England, my heart started to thump like crazy.  I had to pinch myself over a hundred times to make myself believe that I was actually here during this historical time! Excitement overtook me.  I mean, in the future, when they show scenes of the royal wedding on TV, I can point to the crowds of lunatics on the streets of England, and tell my kids, your crazy parents were there.  I mean, who else can say that?  Other than the other billion people who were there?  PaShaw!

So the main reason for me being there was to act all paparazzi and try to catch sight of the royal couple....and the other Royal couple, the Beckhams.  To my disappointment, the Beckhams never crossed my path.  (I'm not giving up though)
BUT, to my great happiness, I was able to see the Royal couple after they got married.  Although it was for less than 5 seconds as they zoomed by in their carriage, I was satisfied.  I seriously felt like a million bucks being able to see them in the flesh, despite the fact that that flesh was their backside, it was still in the flesh.  I even took a picture
Now, me being Amy Malan, I always get blessed with luck such as this, the product of my picture did not match the quality that I was going for.  Yes, this is a picture of the Royal couple in their carriage.  And YES, that is the camera of an idiot who covered the intended subject of the picture.  After I took the picture, and watched the carriage stroll away with melancholy eyes, I *geegled* inside at the thought that I captured them on my camera.  Then as I flipped through the pictures, I almost screamed at the top of my lungs when I saw this.  *Stupid person with the camera*

Wanting to run after the carriage after I discovered this mishap, I had to stop myself before I got detained by all the military surrounding all the Royals in this area.

  I then just took a deep breath and just tried to capture the moment that I was in.  I must say, it was pretty damn priceless.

I mean, there were all types of languages and accents saturating my eardrums.  You had people from Espana
Cute little old Royal couples from my hometown SF, California
Little boys from Italy
Camera Men from Berlin, Germany
Little old ladies who were just Soldier status 
And then of course, the proud Brits dressed up in funky threads.  

Totally my kind of scene.

Also, the pride that all these people had for this moment in time was purely contagious.
I mean, from this picture alone, my breath still gets taken away.  It was an experience like no other....well except that time I was in Italy when they won the World cup, but that's another blog.

As the day progressed, and although I was not amongst the wedding guests being chartered in buses to and fro to celebrate with the couple,
being there, feeling the energy of the day was enough.  I was satisfied.  And towards the end of the day, and experiencing all that I did, seeing all that I did, feeling all that I did, I began to realize that I was blessed.  LML.