Friday, 30 July 2010


So, next Sunday marks the one year anniversary of me being a wifey to the world's best hubby.  So what does a couple like us do to celebrate such a wonderful occasion?  Go to Berlin of course!

I'm so excited.  I booked our trip to this artsy fartsy/ historical place, and I just about peed my pants with excitement after I clicked on the submit button to confirm our booking.  Aaaaaaiiiiyyeeeee!!!!!!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Journey begins.....

I have a new project on my mind.  Right now it's at it's brainstorming level and it's not quite ripe for me to expose.  But if you would like to be apart of the brainstorming and growing part of my project, your opinion is very much appreciated...

So, I was walking through town and graced my presence at various thrift shops.  Being a lover of all things different and vintage, this little thing-me-bob caught my eye.  

It's a matchbox case.  It's hand painted and wooden.  i thought it was awesome.  What do you think?  WOuld you purchase something like this as well?

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Foam parties stink!!!

Ever since I was the perky age of 18, I've longed to attend a foam party.  Welp....over a decade later, my longing has come to a standstill.  I finally attended one of these foamy fiascos and I tell you...  Remember when we were in elementary school and we always wanted braces or glasses because we thought they were cool.  And when we begin our adolescent years we finally get that chance....and we then continue to complain about it for the next couple year because it makes us look like a nerd?  Well, compare that feeling to how I felt when I first touched the foam.

Don't get me wrong, I squealed with glee when I saw the bubble machine shoot out the first cluster of bubbles, but it wasn't until the smell that followed shortly after.   OH...MY...LORDY!!!!  It stank like ass in there!  Well, not only ass, but cooked onions, and sweaty crevices!  What made it worse, was that when you are intoxicated, these mixture of scents is no bueno.  The foam party totally lost its glamour once it touched a sweaty foreign person.  Also, the fact that it was sooooo crowded, and you were forced to touched these stinky wet people (*shiver*), I wasn't a happy camper.  I really felt like dancing with my elbows up so that I could "accidentally" hit someone and hopefully have them stay away from me.  No such luck.

So anyways.....45 minutes later.....we left.  We would have left earlier...but the music was kick ass.....

These 2 chicks were sucking face with all the guys willing to partake...and that dude with the glasses had the onion pitts.

This was the scene.  Don't get me wrong.  I had fun engulfing this scene.  It was funny and pretty awesome.  Just as long as my nostrils were plugged.

Monday, 26 July 2010


Here's one of the old ladies whom we drank with at the pub. She was the oldest out of the 4 and she had the hots for one of our guys. She's a cheeky little thang!

In a Nutshell

So, it's been a while since I've last created an entry in this cool little blog here.  Reason being....I was too busy getting wasted. Really, I was and really, I wish I was kidding.  But I don't see it as me being a huge lush, I just see it as getting more research for more entries for my blog.  :)

Anywho. Let me blog about this one little hidden gem that's located in my hood over here in England.  This little gem is called, THE NUTSHELL, and apparently it's known to be the UK's smallest pub.  Here's more info.  Also, here's a little description I found about it ::

Unique pub measuring 15ft by 7ft, and said to be Britain's smallest. Somehow more than 100 people and a dog managed to fit inside in the 1980s. The bar's ceiling is covered with paper money, and there have been regular sightings of ghosts around the building, including a nun and a monk who apparently weren't praying! No food is available, though the pub jokes about its dining area for parties of two or fewer.

When I was there,  I was not aware that there have been sightings of spirits and such!  I so would have whipped out my ghost reader! Oh time.
Back to the story at hand ::


This here is the ceiling of the pub decorated with a ton of money from around the world. I swear,  If I were a giant for a day, I'd tear off that ceiling, put it in my pocket and go to the nearest bank and cash all those puppies!  Momma needs a new handbag...and a matching wallet.

Now, I guess they didn't care too much about the the coins from around the world.  Unlike the paper money being stuck up high, these pieces of metal were stuck on the door frames.  I'm sure a few alkies used these door frames to their advantage when they came up short on the beer tab, because I noticed a a few spots that had glue residue.

There is one coin that made me feel like a kid.....can you see it?

So let's talk more about the decor shall we?  I would have to say, being the eccentric and morbid person I am....I actually LOVED it!  This place was speckled with all sorts of dead animals and quirky humor.

Unbelievably, I didn't notice this when I first walked in, but there was a dead cat hanging from the ceiling right above the bar.  And yes, it was real.  Apparently, this cat was found within the walls of this piece of coolness.  The bartender said that it was pretty normal for cats to be mistakenly built inside the walls of a building.  So I guess it is true about curiosity killing the cat.

There were also a few dead rats and stuff....which I'm sure were found dead inside the walls of this place.  Also, there was a dead tarantula...which I really didn't want to know the history about.  If I found out tarantulas roamed the grounds of Bury St Edmunds...sleep would no longer be something I would be able to do.

So, besides the dead animal decor, there were little quirky things to gawk and laugh at as well.  They had this cool swear box that clearly used to be a donation box.  And also, I guess these people really like pickled eggs, because they were in jars all over the place. *shiver*

Alrighty.  Let's talk about the people inside. Yes, people are actually able to fit inside....actually there was an article that stated that about 102 people were able to fit into this tiny place measuring about 15x7ft. 
 Here's a what a regular pub visitor would look like.  
just an average bloke.
BUT, to our enjoyment, whilst we were sipping on some of England's happy liquid, these lovely ladies popped in and that's when the fun began.

The guys I was with called them the "silver foxes"....the older version of a cougar.  They were cute and such a hoot and holler.  My cheek muscles were so tone and tight at the end of our drinking session from laughing and smiling so hard at them.  The whole time they were there they were flirting with a couple of the guys I was with and singing and dancing.  They sure knew how to drink too.  I felt that they probably were able to drink me under the counter.  Something I shall never forget.  EVER!

So last but not least..."what did you drink?"
Of course....I drank a couple of Guinnesses....AND this lovely little drink.  I saw the bartender drinking this, and because I'm a curious little cat, who doesn't get built within the walls of an establishment, I asked the bartender for one.  It's called a Toxic Waste and it was lovely.  The top part of the drink was Guinness and the bottom part was some sort of blue alcoholic beverage.  I don't know...but it was good.

So that was one of the many journeys I encountered this past week.  More to come later.

Hope you enjoyed this gem like I did!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Eurotrash at its finest

So there's this chick over here name Kaite Price. She's a well known celebrity who shot to fame for exposing her personal life to the general public. Like many people nowadays tend to do.  She's also quite famous for her humongous breasts and whoring ways.  Also, another reason many people nowadays are famous.

Anyways, she's very well known over here in England and she's one of those "love 'em" or "hate 'em" celebrities. I personally, get a kick out of people with bad taste, so I fit in the "love 'em" category.
To get a better idea of this Miss Price character, let me compare her to an American celebrity. A good example would have to be Heidi Montag, but to the tenth power.  She's pretty much a fame whore who would do all things tasteless just to gain some publicity. Some people call it horrible, I call it good marketing.  Also, like Heidi, due to good doctors and numerous injections, her original face no longer exists.
So anyways, still being a visual person, I'm not really going to go into the history of Katie, is a link to a bio of her for those of you interested.

OK, so back to what I wanted to express here in this blog. Apparently, Katie, has released a single out here over in England. Something that shocked a majority of the English public. And to add more shock value to that notion, she performed her single for the first time on this morning show over here called GMTV.
OH. EM. GEE. You know that feeling you get when you see an old man's trousers fall to his knees voluntarily? And you know you shouldn't look, but you just can't help it? Well, that's exactly how I felt when I saw this performance this morning. Only this feeling had a bit of a shaking head and laughs under my breath because I can't believe someone would want to embarrass them self so much. Take a look for yourself and see the queen of Eurotrash keep hold of her title through this horrid but VERY entertaining performance.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

This song right hurrr

So from time to time, I like to go through the archives of my itunes library and listen to songs that brought back great feelings and memories.
This morning when I was scrolling, this song popped on and I was in the zone.
This chick right hur is so awesome. Her style, her sound, her vocal abilities, and the fact that she can rock all types of genres got me obsessed with her when she first came out. I love it when artists like these get recognized.

So anyways, I picked this song because it pretty much covers the type of mood I'm in. A "Fuck you don't mess with me...but all with a smile" type of mood.

Have good one!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

APART from Hotels....

There are Aparthotels!  Oh, such a cheesy play off words.

So over the weekend, because the hubby and I have the luxury of still living some elements of the "single" life.  We did just that.  We did a last minute overnight trip to London and partied amongst the singletons, minus the one night stands, number and STD exchanges, and dressing up in such a way people would only see you as desperate and seeking for attention from any intoxicated douche.  I would have to say, partying with your legal partner is actually a lot more enjoyable.  More enjoyable, because not only do you never go home alone, but you avoid all the idiots that like to converse nothing but pick up lines with you, and meeting men whose idea of dancing is grabbing your assets and moving their hips side to side to what appears to be a song only they can hear, because it apparently doesn't look like they are listening to the same song everyone else in the club is.

Ok, back to the subject at hand.  The hubby and I spent the weekend in good ol' London town.  Because all we really needed were a bed and a shower, we didn't try to look for any type of swanky accommodation.  Instead, we opted for something cheap and acceptable whose characteristics didn't include cute little ants, an exterior decorated with druggies, and the soothing sounds of jack hammers.

So after extensive research and multiple review readings, I found this place that looked pretty decent on  It was called London Serviced Aparthotel.
Only minor downfall about this place would have to be the distance between the toilet and the radiator.  I felt like a giant attempting to use a human sized bathroom.  Also, thank god it was a hot day, otherwise I'd have left the bathroom with burn marks on my knees.

Here's some info about aparthotels in general

Now, I've heard good things about these type of establishments before, but I've never dreamt that they would actually live up to its standards.  This place that we stayed at was FAB-U-LOUS!  Don't take me wrong.  It's no 7 star hotel, but for something so affordable, it's so worth blogging about.  Not only was the location of this place such a convenient walk to the heart of London, but it was clean, comfy, welcoming, and did nothing but make me smile.

Let me elaborate on this type of place a bit more.  So what it pretty much is, is an apartment that is rented out to guests just like a hotel.  So you don't have to worry about fixing your bed, and you still get room service.  Also, if you are not into the whole tourist atmosphere, this place would be better suited for you. Because, when you first enter this building, rather than being greeted by a bustling lobby full of bell boys and people sporting clothing with the country's name on it, instead, you are greeted by a stairwell that you would normally see in an apartment building, therefore, eliminating that tourist overload sensation.

Another great thing, aparthotels, well this one at least, have full equipped kitchens.  The kitchen at this aparthotel was not in our room,  it was actually located outside our room which the rest of the guests got to share.  I actually liked it this way as well.  Whilst our stay there, we befriend a man from Wales staying there for business who gave a few traveling hints.  Another cool thing about this place is that the kitchen was fully stocked and fully accessible to all the guests 24 hours.  When people take care of me via food, I'm all for it.

So yes, if you're ever in town or ever on the look out for affordable shelter during a trip, I HIGHLY recommend Aparthotels.

Here's a few websites where you can find some.

A little generous gesture from me.  Enjoy.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Marriage WWF

Arguments are the one thing I never look forward to in relationships.  Although they are not at all pleasant, they are not easily avoided and absolutely mandatory in a relationship.

Not pleasant, obviously, because who loves to squabble?  Well, unless your some sort of messed up fuck that gets a kick out of things that causes hurt to another, probably so.  Mandatory, because that one little horrid moment if evil words exchanged can ironically make it stronger.   After that moment of suppressed anger being released the wrong way, you then have that "reflection" time to think about what said, feel sorry and bad and make up by releasing more emotion by wrestling in the bed.

 Yes, I am blogging about this subject because Ricklyn has gotten into a bit of a row.  Hurtful words were exchanged and evil thoughts were thought.  I was even tempted to throw his toothbrush in the toilet, but I resisted.  Anger can cause you to do stupid things, and I'm against being stupid.  So right now I'm in my "reflection" mode, but because I have such great will power...we will not be wrestling in bed.  He cannot get off that easy.....


Alright.  So I'm trying to spit out as many invitations as I can, so I can build up my stores on Etsy and Zazzle .

I just finished a groovy 70's theme birthday party invitation.  I only posted it on Zazzle for now soon on Etsy.  What do you think?

 FYI, the about 90 percent of the images on my invitations are original.  Which means,  I draw/create them on the computer myself.  It's my hidden talent that I'm pretty shy to project.  I'm kinda happy bout how this came out.  Far out!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Conveniently irritating

When I first laid eyes on this fab self-checkout invention, I was amazed and unmarried.  Now that I'm married, the views of this "convenient" contraption has changed drastically.  Depending on if I'm alone or with my other half, I'll either dread it, or love it.

 So why do I love this machine?  Well, anything that involves conveniency in my life is accepted with great gratitude.  I'm a very hyper person that's always on "go" mode.  Constantly in motion with somewhere to go.  I mean, out of 2 other siblings, I was the fastest to pop out of my mother.  It's a God given talent.

So how can I dread such a machine? Well....ever since getting married, I have discovered that somethings are better when you're single.  One being...the self-checkout.  I would have to say,  that 90% of the time that I have used this machine with the hubby, a lot of evil eyes, words under our breaths, and grrrrr-ing with accompanied head-shakings have been exchanged between us.

I tell you, there is nothing more irritating than trying to do a one-man job your way, when another person, who is trying to help but does things the wrong way to mess up your rotation.  Now, I'm not saying that I'm always the one getting irritated with the person trying to help, I must admit, the roles can be vise versa at times.  That's only because he does things the wrong way, and I need to help him fix it.

Now, being an anal person, I thought that I was the only person who felt the irritance grow inside me at the first sound of that item scanned.  But after various visits to the commissary on-base, I've noticed other loving couple exchanging evil eyes, under breath words and head shakings.  I've even caught a couple of glares that looked like were tying to shoot laser out of their eyes whilst their lover was turned around.  These usually make me laugh but then it soon goes away when I start to check-out.

Oh, self-checkout counters...what are you doing to couples in love?


One of the Blogs that I follow is The Satorialist. 
The Blog pretty much consists of pictures taken by Scott Schuman :: who works for the fashion industry :: of whom he thinks looks fashionably interesting.  It's a great site, I highly recommend it.  Anywho, on his blog today, he posted a picture of this one woman off the streets of Milan ::

Sooooo, lovin her outfit ensemble.  Such a great way to represent how the beautiful people of Italy like to express more beauty through their clothes.  

WC Beauties & the Beast

Here's a link to an article about the beauties and uglies of this year's World Cup.  I totally agree.....You may be seeing some of the beauties as my final 10 on my top 10....

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

J4, England style

Thank God for the military.  If it weren't for them, not only was I able to experience life out here in Jolly ol' England, but I kinda got to experience July 4th, American style with a touch of England, of course.

So the week before July 4th weekend, with the mixture of my hubby working the day of, and reading all these status updates on Facebook that would only make me jealous for a REAL BBQ and festivities and such, I began to shift into "emo" mode.  I was afraid that the day that I usually spend with fellow drunk pals on a sunny summer day in a park Q'ing up some burgers and other grillable edibles, was going to be a lonesome day with me increasing the size of my butt mark on our couch, watching no nonsense shows accompanied only by my dog who sometimes wants nothing to do with me.  It's a girl thing.

So anyways, when I got word that there was going to be a carnival on one of the American bases over here, I was up at the chance to go straight away.  I must say, I was really impressed with the American government.  The carnival was just like any county state fair thrown in the states, with a bit of British influence of course.

So let's take a look at what I saw shall we?

So here we have a couple of pictures of the game booths they had.  Yes,  super similar to the ones in the states.  Only difference would be that the booths over here did not employ the bellowing workers
that would usually sport either a missing front tooth, dirty finger nails, the fragrance of alcohol, or a swastika or a tear drop tattooed on their face.  
 I must say, however, that the stuffed prizes that you were able to win over here were pretty larger than life.....and I'm not exaggerating.  Mira::
"Is that a banana in your hand, or are you just SUPER happy to see me?"  HAHA  I kid.  I kid.  But yes, these prizes were ginormous.

One game booth that I thought was pretty odd though was this one.  It was a game where you were able to win a stuffed Meer cat.  Yes, I know a meer cat is not abnormal, but what's weird is the fact that this meer cat was the mascot for car insurance.  Now, what child would know about car insurance???  I dunno, does this show how much more mature the youth is over here than the states?  I'm boggled.  Anyways, here's the website for the meer cat guy case you're interested.

Ok, so after you're broke from trying to win a stuffed banana or a car insurance icon, what do you do next?  Help your wallet lose more weight by buying tickets to ride these wonderful rides.....

What would a fair in England be without the double decker bus?
I must say.  The rides here were pretty much the same as the states, so I won't insert my piece of thought here.
EXCEPT for this ride.  Now, if this ride existed in the states, there would be a lawsuit every summer.  This round ride had absolutely no seat belts or any type of guard to hold you down.  And what the ride did was pretty much spin fast, and then bounce up and down as if you were riding a lowrider in East LA with hydraulics.

Now let's talk about the attendees if this event.  I would say 80% were Brits, despite the fact that it was an American base and event.  So stylish people and English accents were aflutter.  Entertainment to my eyes and ears.

One thing that was pretty odd though was this::
My hubby, (who was working the grounds that day), mentioned that a lot of British guys were walking around the grounds with this decorating their hind side.  I though that was kinda odd, and cool.

"So Amy, how was the food?"  I must say, from what I smelled, it seemed delish.  They served the normal hamburgers, hots dogs, tacos, cotton candy, fried twinkies, and the infamous funnel cake, whose line, by the way went from the opening of the booth all the way to Timbuktoo.  SUPER LONG.

Being the food lover I am, I must regret saying that I did not purchase any food.  I have a good reason for it.  It freakin cost an arm and a leg!  I mean, who would want to pay $4 for a FRIED TWINKY???  Yes, a twinky, which btw, you can buy at a gas station for less than a dollar.  My sentiments exactly.  I did however, splurge $4 on boba...only because that drink is non-existant over here in this country.  So of course I forked up the dough for that piece of heaven to entertain the taste buds on my tongue.'s an ice cream truck, England style
And here's what the food "booths" looked like.

So of course, because I was on base...we did have a few military camos sauntering here and there, including the love of my life

And the ones that give you a friendly "greeting" when you first enter.

Gotta love the military.

OH!  I forgot one more thing!  The fireworks.  Just a bunch of sparkles in the sky.  Pretty. 

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Tench Hut!

So last night, I felt all entrepenuerish and decided to add another item to my Etsy shop.  These are Military theme invitations I designed a while back.  Check them out.

I felt the passion come out of me during the time of designing these, since the military is so near and dear to me now.  I thought they came out pretty cool.

I have recently began selling my items on Ebay as well. It's pretty much the same type of shop as my Etsy....just wanted to expand my exposure.

Friday, 2 July 2010

I think I'm obsessed

She's so cute and I love her voice.
I can't wait till her CD comes out.

Get it Grandpa!

Oh, how I love The Sun. Not only do they update you on important news about the world and celebrities, but they also update you on things that tend to cause automatic jaw-dropping and eye bulging that have no effect on your daily life whatsoever.  Despite the fact some of the stories will not increase my intelligence,  I love hearing juicy news (as does everyone else), and when I hear news like this, I just light up and can't wait to tell the next person I make eye-contact with.  Thank God for my blog, otherwise I'd be acting like that one mad woman from a town that seems to make people disappear around corners once she sets eyes on them.

So's the shocking new bits of the day.

CHIRPY Raymond Calvert is Britain's oldest new dad at 79 - after fathering a son with a woman 54 YEARS his junior.

Read more:

I must admit.  Whilst reading this article, I couldn't help getting that heeby geebies feeling.  But after reading more my soft heart overtook the goosebumps and shivering and made me realize that love really has no age limit.  As long as you have a working heart, love will be in your life no matter what obstacle you have to overtake.  I'm happy for this new family.