Tuesday, 6 July 2010

J4, England style

Thank God for the military.  If it weren't for them, not only was I able to experience life out here in Jolly ol' England, but I kinda got to experience July 4th, American style with a touch of England, of course.

So the week before July 4th weekend, with the mixture of my hubby working the day of, and reading all these status updates on Facebook that would only make me jealous for a REAL BBQ and festivities and such, I began to shift into "emo" mode.  I was afraid that the day that I usually spend with fellow drunk pals on a sunny summer day in a park Q'ing up some burgers and other grillable edibles, was going to be a lonesome day with me increasing the size of my butt mark on our couch, watching no nonsense shows accompanied only by my dog who sometimes wants nothing to do with me.  It's a girl thing.

So anyways, when I got word that there was going to be a carnival on one of the American bases over here, I was up at the chance to go straight away.  I must say, I was really impressed with the American government.  The carnival was just like any county state fair thrown in the states, with a bit of British influence of course.

So let's take a look at what I saw shall we?

So here we have a couple of pictures of the game booths they had.  Yes,  super similar to the ones in the states.  Only difference would be that the booths over here did not employ the bellowing workers
that would usually sport either a missing front tooth, dirty finger nails, the fragrance of alcohol, or a swastika or a tear drop tattooed on their face.  
 I must say, however, that the stuffed prizes that you were able to win over here were pretty larger than life.....and I'm not exaggerating.  Mira::
"Is that a banana in your hand, or are you just SUPER happy to see me?"  HAHA  I kid.  I kid.  But yes, these prizes were ginormous.

One game booth that I thought was pretty odd though was this one.  It was a game where you were able to win a stuffed Meer cat.  Yes, I know a meer cat is not abnormal, but what's weird is the fact that this meer cat was the mascot for car insurance.  Now, what child would know about car insurance???  I dunno, does this show how much more mature the youth is over here than the states?  I'm boggled.  Anyways, here's the website for the meer cat guy thingy...in case you're interested.

Ok, so after you're broke from trying to win a stuffed banana or a car insurance icon, what do you do next?  Help your wallet lose more weight by buying tickets to ride these wonderful rides.....

What would a fair in England be without the double decker bus?
I must say.  The rides here were pretty much the same as the states, so I won't insert my piece of thought here.
EXCEPT for this ride.  Now, if this ride existed in the states, there would be a lawsuit every summer.  This round ride had absolutely no seat belts or any type of guard to hold you down.  And what the ride did was pretty much spin fast, and then bounce up and down as if you were riding a lowrider in East LA with hydraulics.

Now let's talk about the attendees if this event.  I would say 80% were Brits, despite the fact that it was an American base and event.  So stylish people and English accents were aflutter.  Entertainment to my eyes and ears.

One thing that was pretty odd though was this::
My hubby, (who was working the grounds that day), mentioned that a lot of British guys were walking around the grounds with this decorating their hind side.  I though that was kinda odd, and cool.

"So Amy, how was the food?"  I must say, from what I smelled, it seemed delish.  They served the normal hamburgers, hots dogs, tacos, cotton candy, fried twinkies, and the infamous funnel cake, whose line, by the way went from the opening of the booth all the way to Timbuktoo.  SUPER LONG.

Being the food lover I am, I must regret saying that I did not purchase any food.  I have a good reason for it.  It freakin cost an arm and a leg!  I mean, who would want to pay $4 for a FRIED TWINKY???  Yes, a twinky, which btw, you can buy at a gas station for less than a dollar.  My sentiments exactly.  I did however, splurge $4 on boba...only because that drink is non-existant over here in this country.  So of course I forked up the dough for that piece of heaven to entertain the taste buds on my tongue.

Anyways...here's an ice cream truck, England style
And here's what the food "booths" looked like.

So of course, because I was on base...we did have a few military camos sauntering here and there, including the love of my life

And the ones that give you a friendly "greeting" when you first enter.

Gotta love the military.

OH!  I forgot one more thing!  The fireworks.  Just a bunch of sparkles in the sky.  Pretty. 

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