Thursday, 30 December 2010

Isabelle Caro

This really deserves an honorable mention.

Isabelle Caro :: A 28 year-old model battling with anorexia has died.  

She was most famous for being a model for an Italian ad campaign against anorexia.
I first saw her on Jessica Simpson's show on MTV. (The name of the show escapes me right now, guess it wasn't that great)  She was a guest and I was mesmorized by her.  I thought she was beautiful, although she didn't hold all the qualities that society thought was beautiful.  
It's a shame the world has lost another beautiful soul.

Ironically, she died from the one thing she tried to prevent others to do.

One Crazy Fucked up Brit

So I know I said that I was going to be on a blogging break until after Jan 14th.  But this story that I discovered was way too intense not to share with ya’ll…

Ok, although I’m currently in the states, I still like to know what’s going on back in the the land of the Queen.  So, as a daily ritual, I visit the Sun News website, which is an English News site.  It keeps you updated on all the current events, star news, sports news, weird news, blah, blah, blah, pretty much anything that exists in England.  It's a great site, check it!

So as I was performing my daily ritual, I stumbled upon this shocking story and character.  

The Crossbow Cannibal.  Sounds like a horrible independent movie title doesn’t it?  My friends, I wish it was.

Apparently, England houses this crazy fuck named Stephen Griffiths. The deal with this guy is this.  He was recently arrested due to the fact that he had been proven to have killed 3 prostitutes.  Ok, as sad as it is,  that sounds like the norm for this day and time in our society….but, unfortunately there is more to this twisted and crazy killer.
After killing these unsuspecting women, this foo' freakin ATE his victim’s flesh!  Yes, you heard me right ladies and gentlemen, ATE his victims. A-T-E.  That means, he took a piece of their flesh after killing them, put it in his mouth and digested it.  Sick is not even the right word to describe what kind of psycho idiot this man is to me. 

Another thing that got me all riled up about him, is that after he killed his latest victim with a crossbow (hence, the nickname crossbow cannibal), he freakin did a victory dance, flipped off the CCTV camera in his flat complex, made a toast with a bottle of Sprite, dragged that poor lady into his flat and feasted on her.  I seriously thought these type of people only existed in fictional movies, he has proven me wrong.

It is also being brought up that he may have more victims. CUH-RAY-ZEE!  I seriously think that his punishment should consist of him being locked up with a bald headed tatted up 450lb inmate that smells of bad BO and sweats 24/7, become his Bitch and be sexually assaulted EVERY SINGLE DAY of his life, and have him lick his ass dry right after he shits, since he likes the taste of human flesh so much.  But that’s just me and my thoughts.  I’d like to grab a crossbow and show him how to use it.  He Needs to go.

Check out the articles about him…..

Monday, 20 December 2010

Break me off a piece

So I've realized that it's been eons since my last post.  Also, I've noticed that most of my recent posts were not really something that has arisen from my blogging heart.  Wasn't too pleased with the material that was published.  Main reason::  Too.  Damn.  Busy.  Yeah, this whole job thing, combined with the holidays, the lazy inducing weather, and my singing and social extra curricular activities has prevented me from providing my fellow readers with some decent content.  With that said, I vow that after January 14th, I PROMISE you will get better blog posts from this Wifey living the life as such.  Till then, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!!!

Monday, 6 December 2010

Silver phase

I think I was feeling the silver thing this past weekend.

Here are some new postings on my PRETTYrubbish Etsy page!!!!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Thank you England....

Because of you, the world has Cheryl Cole.
Being one of the most talked about, photographed, envied, and loved woman in England during this current event in time, it wasn't hard for me to find out who Cheryl Cole was. In the past year, she has been through a lot. She separated from her cheating husband Ashley Cole (UK's Tiger Woods), broke away from her girl band : Girls Aloud and did the solo thing and became even more popular than the group, was one of the judges on UK's X Factor, and became a spokesperson for what seemed like everything being advertised on the telly, and had tattoos that were replicated so much that they made temporary tattoos of her inked art. PLUS, she's GORGEOUS!
I heart her so.
Anywho, I wanted to blog about her, because I finally got to see the video of her next single off her new album "Messy Little Raindrops." Not only is she beautiful in this video, but so is the song. Another reason for me be more obsessed with this famous Brit.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


So look what I found on a blog

A gorgeous picture of a gorgeous man, wearing a gorgeous outfit, taken in a gorgeous way.  

Such a striking picture and it stuck me (no pun intended) in such a way that it deserved to be posted.  

Advertisements killed the Turkey

I'm a little late on this one, but it took me this long to recuperate.....

Thanksgiving.  A tradition that consists of family, plentiful food, laughter and joy, and a lot of thanks.  Welp, that was then.....

...this is now....

and of course this.....

Yes my friends.  Black Friday has totally stolen Thanksgiving's thunder.  I really feel that in the near future, they may soon call this family gathering as Black Friday eve.

Being that I have spent this holiday away from family with just me and the hubby solo, it made me go into this holiday this year with a mindset that I was going to spend time with family and truly be thankful that I get to spend it with them and good food.

Now that I'm here in the states, and around the retail world, I have found that Black Friday has taken the Thanksgiving meaning through the temptations of huge sales and overbearing sale ads that make it impossible to resist.  

Starting from the beginning of Thanksgiving week, all that was being stuffed into my mind were commercials, web banners, and magazine ads of all that will be on sale, therefore subliminally telling me that I really need to buy that one $3 hand mixer or else my life will never be the same, or I have to stand in a line Thanksgiving day so that I could be one of the first 50 to receive a $10 gift card.  It seemed as though my life would not be complete if I weren't able to accomplish these big sale adventures.  

So Thanksgiving day came and went.  I was surrounded by food, family, and laughter, and was happy....but I must admit, throughout the day, the darker it got, the more my heart began to pitter patter with anticipation.  I was excited about getting my hands on the sale items and carrying load os shopping bags full of purchased goods.  Midnight came, and I think that the hours following after would change my view on Black Friday forever.

It.  Was.  Nuts. 

 Although I was determined to get the super cheap items and freebies they gave if you were to spend X amount of money, after I saw the lines to get in and to pay.....those incentives didn't seem that important.  

But, I was already here, and I couldn't let this time invested go to waste.

While I waited in line with my infamous shopping partner, for 2 hours just to pay, I had an epiphany.  I cannot believe that people go through these lengths just to get that special deal or free incentive.  I mean, It was after 2am, I'm sure more than half these people were running on no sleep, some people had kids, and I felt like we were in a cow herd, because it was just impossible to move around the isles without getting an evil eye or hit with a shopping cart. 

 It was not an attractive sight.  Also....when I passed by the electronics section, the poor cashiers in their little area looked like they were being smothered by stock people trying to buy stock before the time ended.  Crazy.

To think that people would go to these lengths and doing it with a miserable mood, totally makes you miss out on the true meaning of the holiday season.  Also, the fact that people would sleep outside in the cold on Thanksgiving day so that they could be one of the first is just plain reDONKulous.  That has to show you what the priorities of most are.  Most shops were also, actually open on Thanksgiving day, that totally sucks balls for the workers....I tell you, if I were still in retail and had to work on Thanksgiving, I would totally resent this holiday and would never look forward to this day of turkey.

I'm telling you, these retailers are totally taking away the true meaning of this traditional holiday.

Save Our Turkcy!