Friday, 5 December 2014

TV? What TV?

So, I've been at this whole mommy-hood deal for a little over a year now.  It's been awesome.  I've learned so much about myself, about motherhood, and about how patient I can be.  I found that it doesn't matter that your house isn't always clean, that you can't always nap when you want to, dressing cute is not a necessity at all times (Although I try my best), and that your TV is no longer yours.

Yep,  I gained a son, lost an electronic.  TV was my outlet to see what craziness was going on in the world, be it with the news, reality TV, or cooking shows.  I used it to see what the current fashion trend was, how people wore their hair, the current slang, music, etc.  Now, learning about Elmo's favorite way to color, or how fast a snail can go, or how Team Umi Zoomi  helped their friend Charlie put a sub sandwich together seems to be my daily dose of what's in the know for today's society.

I remember pre-child days, after a long day of work, I used to watch trashy talk shows, reality TV shows, or a good foreign movie to help unwind and relax.  It was my way to let my brain relax from the stressful day I had.  I would totally veg out on the couch...and it was great!   Now, after a long day of working on creating paper goods, or cleaning the house, I have to sit and unwind to the sounds of various renditions of the ABC's,  Elmo counting, or even Gangna, Style (Youtube shiz).  And sometimes during the day, I find myself singing kid TV show opening songs, like so..... 

Got this song stuck in your head didn't I? 

And then when you try and change the channel because your little person seems to be occupied, all of a sudden you are the worst person in the world, because now your child is flailing his arms around crying on the floor bloody murder because you changed the channel!  Bad parent.  

I so missed the days where I was able to watch my favorite reality TV show, then discuss about how much you hate one of the characters on the show with your mate.  Or having your friends recite a line from a movie, and you would know what movie it came from, because movies were your thang.  I was that person.  Movies were my thang!  Talking ish about a TV character was my thang.  I totally lost my mojo.   Now, when my friends recite movie lines and look at me to say the title, I just shrug my shoulders and say, "Turbo!"  I feel like such a has-been.

Before I became a mom, I swore up and down that I would never lose touch with society.  I will always know all cool dance moves, songs, movies, etc.  But these little people tend to take over your life and take that away from you.  But I can see it as a good thing.  That means you're being selfless....putting this god given gift before you.  Their needs are more important than yours.....At least that's what I tell myself to compensate for my lack of TV time.....

Thursday, 4 December 2014

I'm Alive!

So it's been months... years....and butt loads of hours and days....but guess what?  I'M ALIVE!!!!  My bad for not keeping up with this wonderful virtual diary for the public...but so much has happened, that literally,  my life as a wifey has forbade me time to keep this blog updated. I am, with time, all caught up...and hopefully I will keep up.  Anywhos.....let me catch up, cliff notes style::

I have since had a little boy, named Camden.  Because of this little boy, I have become more responsible, and patient, and I have become one of those parents whose phones are infested with videos and pictures like so:

Random baby body part pictures of your little one that only you and your hubby can enjoy, but think everyone else will squeal just as much as you do....

Mommy and baby that it doesn't look so self absorbed....but yet you really want people to see how cute you are because your'e a mom.

So yeah....I'm a parent.  Never thought of me as a parent type, but turns out I love it!

Secondly, I am no longer residing in beautiful rainy England.  Meh.  Our time ran out, and were destined to move farther away...this time Asian style.  We are now residents of Japan.  Land of the rising sun, peace signs, and sushi galore.  

Although my tastebuds are loving life right now....I'm not so sure this part of the world is my cup of Tea.  I would much rather get a taste of Earl Grey rather than Brown Rice.  I mean, don't get me wrong, the landscapes are BEEE-U-TEE-FUL, the people are amazingly nice, and the culture is rich and inspiring....but like I said...I'm a more Earl Grey type of chick.  Just trying to make the best of what life has given us, which is the only thing to do with life.  Otherwise, I'd be the grumpiest most unpleasant person you could meet, that would curse the world whilst carrying huge signs condemning all people who are happy.  And, I mean, life is too short to live with that type of attitude.

But I must say, Japan is pretty quirky, and I learned to love all its quirkiness.  I mean, what other country would sell kid pants with the word, "Bitch," sewed on the pant leg, or ear plugs that looks like someone is growing out of your ear?  To them, that's normal, for me, that's pretty badass.

OK, so baby: check, Japan: check, Money making: here we go....

So, on top of being a mother, housewife, and having a social life, I decided that, that wasn't enough and that I would like to pursue my business a bit more whilst living over here.  So, Aimes Design has been resurrected and more of my time has been invested in creating something that allows me to create for others.

I love my business.  It makes me happy to see that my creations make other people happy, and their parties look pretty.  It's just an awesome feeling. And creating has always been very therapeutic for me.  It's a blessing.  A blessing that can stress me out when business gets busy, but still a blessing.  Can I show you what I have made?  If you don't, scroll down, cause I'm gonna post my shiz anyway , HA!

From Ninja parties... Milkaholic baby showers..... TMNT..... Willy Wonka.

I'm everywhere when it comes to orders....but I love it!

I kinda also became a bit of a Arts and crafts Bazaar whore while at it too.  Can't help myself.  I love makin paper!

So with my son, housewife duties, and money making was impossible to catch up on this blog biz over here.  Seriously, I'm hoping that I keep this up, it's tons of fun doing this, and I love having people see what kind of life us military wives living overseas live, no matter how hard or blessed it may be.  

So Cheers to life!  I'll see you soon!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Heaven Sent

After seeing Madam Madonna's Superbowl halftime performance and getting totally blown away....I had to look back in the Madonna archives and watch her past amazingness.
Being totally mesmorized by her ability to inspire and express herself in her own Madonna kind of away, I only HAD to post one of her classic videos that made way for various present artists nowadays.
This being my most favorite music video of hers, and was the video that caused me to wear crosses as accessories as a did. I thought this was the best way to represent just how true and raw this bitch is. Madonna, greatly known for expressing herself in super sexual and controversial ways, created a story and told it as truthful as she could. She told it in a truth that scared the population back in the day. ANd I'm really glad that she scared the public, because if she didn't, we'd still be in denial about what really is happening around us in society.
Being a faithful little catholic chick, this video related to me like hell. First of all....It had the big boss....Jesus, but what I liked about it was that he was of color. Second of all, she wasn't all sexualized in this video....she was super natural, it related to real life, and she expressed her story in such a way, it imprinted itself into your mind without direct words....just through strong images....
Anyways....I may not be making any sense or what not, but just watch the video, let the chick entrance you, and dance bitches!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Let it snow....PLEASE!

Awwwww Ships!!!!

IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!  And you want to know something else more exciting about the snow??? I don't have to go to work!!!!

Yup, it's my first Snow day EVER!  Which means that although I am on the schedule to work today, this beautiful snow cockblocked my work day...but in a good day.  This excites me so.  Reals.

Being a girl of Cali, and the Sun is my friend 80% of the year, snow is something quite new to me.  Although it may seem like something as little as overcast clouds to the Brits, the snow makes this happy little wifey giggle with glee.  AND it makes me go into overdrive giggle mode that work has been cancelled due to this fluffy white cold happiness!  I tell's the little things.

But anyways.....I've been working tons this past week.  Be it work on base...or work with my Aimes Design site. (quick plug)  I was about to tear my body apart because I was shattered with tiredness.

Sooooo....after work yesterday, I sit on the couch.....rested for 5 minutes, and took a look outside....and to my best surprise....I see small little white specks falling from the sky.  Booooy....I tell you.  I almost did a touchdown dance at the sight of those little pieces of frost.  So, after working a little more on a few orders...I rushed upstairs, tucked myself into bed and forced myself to sleep like a kid on Christmas Eve.

And guess what I saw when I woke up?

Yeeeeyah buddy!!!  So.....hearing about these situations about work being cancelled due to snow days....and knowing that I had work today....I had no bloody clue what to do.  Should I risk driving to base to work? What if I get into an accident?  What if the base was closed?  What if I had work, and didn't go....I might get fired?  Who do I call to find out?  And I must admit...I tried the FB thing with posting questions on my status hoping to get it answered.  And I appreciate those who have tried to help.  *Gratitude*

So after pacing around my house and letting the dog play a bit to kill time....

...I call my work.  I was praying someone would be there...and to my delight there was.  One of the managers was there and wasn't sure if we were to come into work or not.  When I hard him answer the phone heart dropped.  I was like, "damn, if he's there....I might have to trudge the cold sludge and work."  He said he was going to call me back in about 10 mins to give me the word.  Staring at my phone until it rang,  2 minutes later......BAM!  PARTY TIME!!!!  No work for me! * Touchdown dance!*

I was elated.  I finally get a chance to gather up my energy and get things done SON!  I must say....snow is a beautiful thing.  


Saturday, 4 February 2012

England's Got Good News

I used to always hate watching the News.

Before the life of marriage, when I was a single independent working woman and my parents were my housemates, I would come home after a long day of work, sit down to a full home cooked dinner and dine with my breeders accompanied by the evening news.  I always looked forward to sitting down and catching up with my parentals about the day's events and digesting home cooked goodness....but then my satisfied mind would soon be corrupted by all that the TV displayed.

Being a lover of all things animated and happy, everytime I watched the news, I discovered that the world wasn't the happy place I always dreamt it to be.  EVERY single day, I would sit down to dinner and learn on the telly that ANOTHER person has been stabbed, there has been another shooting in a neighboring city, ANOTHER child had become missing, people got burgled, etc, etc, sad, depressing, disturbing.  Another thing that got me was that, 99% of these instances took place in cities 30 minutes away....some even in my own hood.

I used to always vent to my parents that I wanted to move out of Cali, because life was just too damn G H E T T O for me over there.  I mean, I started to be afraid to walk to my car after choir practice at night, I hated going to the neighboring mall all by myself because someone might try to stab me, I was even scared to honk at people on the freeway because of all the shootings I heard about because of someone honking.  It was muy reDONKulous.

Welp, now I'm married, living overseas....and the News and violence are like teddy bears and candy in a happy little field.

First of all, the events in the news about my neighboring city rarely gets a spot in the paper.  The stuff that happens over here is as boring as fungus growing on a tree.  Yeah, we do get a random arrest or stabbing scattered once or twice a year, but it's child's play.  And that makes me happy.

I mean, the biggest thing in the news right now is David Beckham's new underwear line and his HUGE billboard in posted in London.

And quite frankly...I think all news should be about something like so....jus sayen....

Also....another thing in the news that was quite the debate was the ban of this beer name Hotty Totty in council or something like that.  They wanted to ban the beer because they thought the name was degrading to women and apparently it was a huge discussion and such. had me snickering at work because the things they were saying were all minor and child's play....and I liked it.

Stabbings are a rarity, shootings are just unheard of.  I mean, to show you how safe it is over there, the cops don't  even carry guns.  They went all Demolition man and are armed with their trusty baton.  When my hubby and I decide to act young and go out in town to party hardy, by the end of the night, instead of seeing dozens of police lights, and drunkies beating the hell out of eachother, you see belligerent British blokes who can't hold their liquor being scolded by an unarmed cop like a parent and the drunk punk complying with them.  It's CUH RAAAAZEEE!!!!

I mean, the way the cops yell and manhandle the drunkies is totally unheard of in the states.  The fuzz have no problem shoving these guys, pushing them up against the wall, yelling all kind of bad stuff at them.  I mean, if a cop back home were to attempt that with a citizen, ooooo boy....LAWSUIT!  Reals.  But like I said, these blokes comply with the abusive cops and go home to mummy and daddy.

But anyways, yeah.  It's pretty dang safe over here, and quite frankly I must say, because of the lack of violence, I'm a happier person and my life is fill with rainbows and unicorns again.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Happy HUMP DAY!!!!

Aaaaaaaand, speaking of humps, let me share this song with you all on this fabulous Wednesday.

As always, this hot latin sexy piece of a man has put me in a good mood, and caused my big o' booty to shimmy shake shake. Hope it does the same for you all!

BTW....if by any chance Mr. 305 has come upon this blog entry right here via bing or google, I just want you to know that you are gorgeous, you are yummy, and you blow my mind with your music. And I have a TINY crush on you.   Please comment if you would like to say thank you.  :)  BAAAIYYEEE!!!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Warrior woman

Pretty monthly, I tend to have obsessions.  Maybe it may have something to do with my womanly estrogen characteristics, but for some reason I tend to get a major obsession that seems to take over my mind and will not go away, until I satisfy it in any way I can.  Be it food, clothing, music, TV shows, housewares, hobbies, I always find myself running through a dark tunnel with no end until I have either eaten, bought, watched, or heard that current craving multiple times. And it will continue to satisfy that craving until it becomes my, "so last month" item.

With that being explained, my obsession for the month is Aztec print.
I. LOVE. THIS. F'N. PRINT. No lie.

Whenever I enter any type of place where you can exchange money for goods, I am on a scavenger hunt for that beautiful ancient pattern.  I will be on the hunt for a good hour or more, until I feed my need for that pattern, or until I see an angry face on my impatient husband....

This past month, I have accumulated beautiful accessories and pieces of clothing that can make me pass for an Aztec warrior goddess.  True story.  It's pretty insane on how much this pattern tickles my fashion button.  But I cannot get enough.

What I love most about this style trend right now is that, not only does it seem so raw and entertaining my eyes, I love the complexity of the shapes, and awesomeness of the color combos.  It's like a kaleidoscope of aztec eye candy that keeps me entertained for days.  And it adds so much zing to an outfit when you feel like dressing "blah," but still want to add a hint of "fashion trendy."

I must say, I must extend my gratitude to all the clever fashion designers, because if it weren't for them I would have had to rock Aztec patterns in outfits like these

if in order to represent the beautiful patterns in public.  But because clothing designers are cool like that, they have created a way for us to rock this beautiful pattern with sick pieces of clothing like these.

And thank God for that, because me and a headdress don't mingle like that.
Anyway, just thought I'd share with you all my thoughts about this FAB fashion trend right now.  It's awesome.