Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Like my costume bitches?

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I'm Loca for Shakira

For the past few days, this song has been my daily theme song. It's constantly replaying in my head, and it seriously is driving me crazy.
Anyways, watch it, enjoy it, and become obsessed with Shakira's hips, like how I have become.

15 seconds of #1

Ooooooh Myyyyyy Beeeegeeeeezzzzzzzuuuussssss!!!!
This commercial right here seriously makes me want to take my bra off and throw it at the screen! So starring in this 15 second stint for Kodak is my Numero uno, Pitbull. I have seen these commercials on TV before, but never had the chance to blog about them.
This commercial, however, I have never seen, and I was going to actually post another Kodak commercial starring not only one, but TWO men in my top 10. This commercial consisted of not only Pitbull but also my off and on number 8, Drake. When I first saw the commercial with these 2 hunks of love in it, I nearly passed out from so much joy and pitter patter of the heart. It was reDONKulous.
So why didn't you post that commercial Mrs. Malan? Well....I was going to post that particular one, but when I went on youtube, and then discovered that Pitbull had another commercial with Kodak, and saw how yummy and sexy pants (and I said pants, because really, his "pants" did it for me) this man looked, it totally cancelled out the Drake/Pitbull commercial, and kept Mr. 305 the reigning #1.
Anyways....My heart is starting to beat fast again, so let me leave you with this delicious clip. Enjoy.....

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Carpool is not all party.


 For those of you who are not residents of Cali, let me fill you in on what this crazy little concept is.  Carpool is where you hop into a car with a total stranger and commute with them to the city.  This is helpful to all who enter the car because carpool has their own lane on the freeway....and therefore eliminating the stress of traffic and getting to work faster.

So anyways....I'm talking about this subject here because today, because whilst my stay here for the next few months, I was able to work at my old job in the city.  This, therefore, forces me to partake in this commuting activity.  I'd rather do this crazy thang rather than pay an arm and a leg on gas, go through the stress of traffic, and pay for parking.  I'd rather leave that to someone else.

So let's talk about the experience.  When I got into the car this morning...and although I am a veteran of this, I still find it so odd.  I mean, first of soon as I entered the car, I seriously did not experience a scene like so

We really are not all business type people who are constantly working on work stuff with a smile on our face like these weirdos up above.  Instead, I sense an environment of awkwardness.  It just feels so weird to be on a journey, although a short one, with 2 complete strangers, and not talk at all.  Also....these people that I rode with didn't seem too chipper.  They had a "don't f@#$ with me" type of attitude.  Not a  very happy place.  Now, I know that it is early in the buttcrack of dawn, but come on, at least a little smile please?  Whateva Bitch.
But then again, you also have the people that tend to talk too much....but that usually happens to me on days where I'm too tired to talk and I'm in a "I wanna punch you in the face" type of mood.  Life tends to play with me like that.

Another thing that makes me feel weird, is waiting in line for a car.  Unlike in the morning, where cars were lined up for riders, going home was reverse.  So here I was on the Streets of San Francisco, waiting for a car to pick me up.  Now, from reading that last sentence....didn't I just make my self sound like a total prostitute?  Riiiiiight?  And the thing're waiting for a ride, but yet, you can get some psycho idiot who may like to kidnap people and tie them up, and bury them in some foreign land.  But that's my positive thoughts.

Now, let's talk about the drivers' driving techniques.  From my past experience, I have learned that some don't have any technique at all.  I have been in cars where it seemed the driver thought the brake pedal was the accelerator.  I mean, there were dozens of times where I know the alignment of my spine would have been messed up from that ride.  Constant breaking is not a fun thing to endure for 30+minutes.

There were other times where I seriously thought I was going to die from fear.  Some people swerved in and out of traffic at such fast speeds, I felt like there was going to be a person at our destination with a checkered flag.  So unnecessary.  

So anyway...those are my takes on this Mon through Friday mandatory activity.  As awkward and retarded it may be....I must admit, I do look forward to seeing what type of personalities I will encounter each day.  It's like buying a box of cracker jacks to see what type of toy you will get, only to get disappointed to find a sticker of a flag inside.  All that expecting excitement only to be demolished my something totally mundane and not as happy as you thought.  It's not all pool party in this carpool party.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Urban Ore

Today, I have officially died and gone to second-hand heaven.  So, now that I'm doing this whole Vintage biz thing on Etsy, I have become a second hand fanatic.  Anything and everything that looks, feels, and smells old, I go into collector's frenzy.  I want to take it, buy it, and give it a home.  But that's just me.

So anyways, one of my good friends, after finding of my new business, introduced me to this place located about 20 minutes away from my hood.  It's called Urban Ore.  Oh. Em. Ghee.  Anything you can think of, even subconsciously, this place got it.  I mean, this place got  everything, INCLUDING the kitchen sink!

SO let me go further into describing what this piece of heaven looks like.  First of all, it's a warehouse.  The first thing you see from the parking lot are columns of sinks, chairs, doors, toilets, etc.  As soon as you enter the huge warehouse, you see more columns of doors....then a few happy steps later, you see more columns of sectioned out junk.

I'm telling you, you can find things from old toys from the 50's, suitcases, wall outlets, clothes, glass dishes, phones from the 1800's, cameras, and all ranging through the years of the 1800's to present time.

It's a great place to buy furniture if you're on a budget,  props for a play, collectables that can be used for joy or decor, the possibilities are endless.  I'm sorry if I'm sounding too chipper about this place.  It's just so wonderful to my soul.  But anyway, if you are interested in more information about this place, here's their website::  I have to warn you, this website is just like their store.  It just goes on and on, plenty to read and discover.

Also....I was able to purchase some items for my etsy site.  Check it out ::

Pretty darn cool huh?  I thought so.
I did purchase a few more treasures.....and I'd like to plug in my site so that you can see some of the items. Booyah!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Good Genes

I have to say that Miss Willow Smith is the fiercest 9-year-old I have ever seen. Of course, being the daughter of 2 talented parents, I'm not surprised that this little girl right here can create such sick sounds and visual eye candy.
Watching this video gave me goose bumps and made me a little depressed, because I'm totally envious of this little girl's swag.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith. You did a great job.

Monday, 18 October 2010


I love funny, quirky websites with no meaning.  Anything that makes my tummy jiggle with laughter, will automatically go in my bookmark.  With that being said, check out this picture:
This picture made me laugh my brains out.  It's things like this that makes my day from being great to GREATER!  Anywho....this pic is from this website called  it's pretty much a website that consists of....well....awkward family photos.  And because I love to share, I thought I'd share this website to ya'll so that you can jiggle your tummies like me.  ENJOY!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Go Shorty....

It's your Birthday!

I just want to dedicate this to a man who makes me the happiest wifey in the World!  Happy 31st Birthday to the love of my life  Rick Malan!  I Love you!

Aging Cream

Due to the fact that I'm so "ho hum" about my hubby being deployed, I try everything possible to keep my mind occupied.  Sometimes some of the things I do is a good thing, others...not so good.  This past Saturday was one of the not so good..... wasn't actually all that bad, but it was muy bad for my confidence.  Ok, let me explain a bit more before I go into the full story.

So ever since I've arrived back into my hometown hood, I must admit, I have been going a tid bid crazy on the social scene.  I'm not talking Lindsey Lohan crazy, but I'm talking crazy busy.  I'm forever out and about, painting the town red, and sometimes pink on chill days.  Every time I get the chance to hang out anywhere other than my home and with the company of others, I'm a go.  So, This past Saturday was one of those get out of the house to hang with good company. on Saturday morning, I woke up with a smile knowing that I was going to get all dolled up and let loose later that night.  All day, I kept envisioning what type of outfit I was going to concoct, and also whenever music infiltrated my bum would not stop moving.  I WAS CRAVING TO DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!!

So la dee da, Saturday night rolls around, I'm done getting pretty, have a bottle of Remy in my hand and I'm good to go.  Pre-party comes along, and I'm amongst GREAT company.  Do our dranky drank thing and head out to the clubby club.  All is grand and blurry about this time, which denotes a great night....until I set my eyes on what was inside the club.  Sigh....all of a sudden, I felt my wrinkles form and my boobs sag to my knees.  I felt sooooo old.

I was amongst a sea of perky little bitches and young men whose stamina was similar to train engines.  I seriously felt as though I was at  High School dance, and I was a college student attending, making all of the HS students think, "what are they doing here?  Aren't they supposed to be in college?"  Yes.  I felt like a loser.  Like, I seriously thought I looked hot in my cute little ensemble, until I saw all the little chicas with tight bodies and skin tight dresses that would only make me look like a lumpy sausage if I were to wear the same thing.

Also, by the time it was past midnight.....I was pretty dunso.  My body was telling me to look for a couch.....but I was proud to say my will power to keep going declined.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I had the most fun I have had in a long while.  I mean, my booty was shaking non-stop....But after this night, it truly proved that I am no longer in my 20's and that sleep and rest is super importante.   I remember them days when I was able to party till 4 in the morning, and wake up at 6AM and bust through a 10 hour long day of work and school and be ready to do it again the next night!  Now, when I go home at 4 super drunk and partied out, It takes me till 4PM the next day to recover about 90%.  It's a sad sad truth.

 I would like to take the time right now to apologize to all the people I made fun of and talked schmack about because they couldn't hang and were too tired to kick it with me back in the day.  Karma is a Biatch!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

This. Is. Brilliant!

So on the last episode of the Simpsons, the oh so fabulous graffiti artist "Bansky" was a special guest artist to storyboard the intro of the episode. This. Is. Freakin. Fantastic. You may want to call me biased due to the fact that I love this talented and controversial artist, but I don't currrr.....After seeing this intro, you will love him so much you'll want to hug your computer. FAB!!!!!

Here are some more if his beautiful pieces of art. Doesn't it make you want to cut open and examine his brain to see what other twisted thoughts this artistic English man thinks of?  It does to me...

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

New PRETTY rubbish

Hey ya'll!!!!  I've added more cool and exciting items to my wonderful new sight on !!!!!
Check them out!

If you like what you see.....there's more where that came from!  


Monday, 4 October 2010


Although he does have his douchebag tendencies, this muthafucka right here inspires the hell out of me. Being an art major and attending a fine arts college, I can say that I have had tons of experiences with weirdos with shy or asshole personalities who were the most creative people I have ever envied. Kanye, I would have to say, would have to fit in that same category.
Not only does this man produce sick beats, his swagger, and visual creativity blows my mind! First of all...if I had a fashion mag, he would def be on my best dressed section for men. All of his videos were always such eye candy for these pupils of mine. And also, the designs that he did when he was "interning" for Louis Vuitton, were actually pretty inspiring to my creativity. And for his songs? Well, I must admit, although I hated him for a good year or so after the Taylor Swift movement, I was still bobbing my head and actually picked his songs over Taylor's when played on the radio simultaneously.
This man right here has truly redeemed himself with his recent projects. And this performance right here blew my mind and expanded this creativity that has been balled up inside of me. Kanye really is my inspiration......

A "piece" of Yoko Ono.

Hi again....sorry, I'm feeling all bloggy and shizz....

But being on the subject of Yoko Ono and seeing the previous video with Lady Gaga, made me think of this art piece she did in th 60's.  This is called, "Cut Piece," and it's a performance art piece that she did.  When I first saw this performance,  it was during one of my frequent strolls at SF MOMA during my college years.  I was totally entranced when I first laid my eyes on it.  IDKY, I just was.  So anyways...I thought I'd just share this piece with you.  I think it's brilliant.  And it made me heart Yoko.


I believe the BEST duet EVER, made had just been created.
Lady Gaga and Ms. Yoko Ono both performed at the Orpheum in LA last night. Not only is the song itself a masterpiece (which btw, was a John Lennon song), but the vision of the 2 singers performing were as well. The way they performed the song, with such art, such emotion, such individuality made me want to curl in a ball and hug myself.
Unfortunately, this video mainly displays the glorious Gaga, which was great because she looked beautiful....but I kind of wished that the person taking the video took some footage of the tiny Yoko. I think Ms. Ono is pretty fierce in the video as well. I would love to perform like her when I get to her age. LAV!
What also gets me all excited about this video, is the sound of the song. So different and artsy fartsy. AND the people at the Orpheum were diggin this unique ear pleasure.

Way ta go Vinny boy!

In light of all the bullying and suicides over homosexuality, many celebs are uploading videos speaking out against it. One of the videos that actually surprised me, was one made by Vinny Guadagnino from the reality show, "Jersey Shore." This shows why he's my fave on the show. Much kudos to this gorgeous Italian.
Check out his video
'Jersey Shore's' Vinny Guadagnino Says 'Love Is Louder' Than Abuse
clap, clap, clap.

Also...I would just like to say I think all this bullying should seriously STOP.  No one deserves the right to be judged by other people.  Who are you to tell someone they are wrong for doing something that makes them happy?   I hope that all the individuals that bullied these innocent people that have given up their lives, open up their eyes and see what kind of monster they really are.  Also, I pray for them to maybe step up and join in to prevent all this death leading bullying.  No one deserves such treatment.  Amen.