Monday, 4 October 2010


Although he does have his douchebag tendencies, this muthafucka right here inspires the hell out of me. Being an art major and attending a fine arts college, I can say that I have had tons of experiences with weirdos with shy or asshole personalities who were the most creative people I have ever envied. Kanye, I would have to say, would have to fit in that same category.
Not only does this man produce sick beats, his swagger, and visual creativity blows my mind! First of all...if I had a fashion mag, he would def be on my best dressed section for men. All of his videos were always such eye candy for these pupils of mine. And also, the designs that he did when he was "interning" for Louis Vuitton, were actually pretty inspiring to my creativity. And for his songs? Well, I must admit, although I hated him for a good year or so after the Taylor Swift movement, I was still bobbing my head and actually picked his songs over Taylor's when played on the radio simultaneously.
This man right here has truly redeemed himself with his recent projects. And this performance right here blew my mind and expanded this creativity that has been balled up inside of me. Kanye really is my inspiration......

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