Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Peace out Bitches!

The day has finally come.  Mama bear is going home to papa bear!!!!!!  It has been a long five months of emotional roller coasters, mini getaways, being working woman, friends old and new, unfortunate circumstances, long distance fights, being miss entrepreneur, the holidays, family, and home cooked meals. Because so much has happened, and I am grateful for the life that I have had these past five months, obviously it has become a lot harder for me to leave and look forward to my reunion with my homie, por vida.  Don't get me wrong,  I CANNOT WAIT see my hunk of love.....it just sucks when you have to leave that group of people that you also care and love for as well, to be with your one true love.  Oh, the life of a military wife.

So anyways, before I get all sentimental eyes, because I is becoming that way right now,  let me proceed with the blog.

Let me bring out my inner Mulan and have reflection time.  I remember when I first arrived back in the states....as soon as I set foot on American soil, I wanted to run back to the departing terminals to find a plane trip back to the UK.  But, because I was unemployed that action was declined.  I felt that my stay here was going to drag, and I was going to be miserable the whole time.  Well, when you have friends and family like mine, those feelings tend to perish pretty rapidly.

First let me start with the gals::

Let me tell you, there is nothing in the world more comforting than to have your own groups of girls.  Although we may have our little catty or annoyed with each other moments, the good days easily override the bad.  I love these group of girls, I can easily be myself, and speak a made up language and they'll still understand me. Also, whenever we go out, it is always an adventure.  From dealing with old men giving you googly stalker eyes, dancing with a lesbian at a Jon B. concert, fighting with Jon B., getting hit on by thug boys who think calling you "baby" is the new black,  HH, dancing amongst the natives at a hookah lounge, the list goes on and on with these chicas. Love you bitches!
Another shout out to my BFF miss Ju.  I'mma miss you lover!  Thanks for being my date for many events and opening club Copperbeach for beer and TV time!

Then there's the group as a whole.  When you add this group of crazy girls add a little more, and then add group of crazy boys you get this::
A lot of good times, and laughs.  I love these group of people, I would never want to exchange them or anything in the world.  All sales are final with these guys, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Coming back home meant resorting back to my old activities and ways of living.  Which meant, having my life revolve around work and one of my passions, singing.  So as some of you may have known, I became a working woman for a couple a months, and took care of daddy for a bit.  Because my job was located in the city, it forced me to commute, therefore thrusting me in a car with fellow strangers and that became new friends, and just were plain odd.  And with my luck, things like being harassed by a security guard after work almost every day, got into carpool car where the driver digging for gold was a must during the whole car ride to the city, walked in the pouring rain without an umbrella and then all of a sudden having a hole in my rains boots, got approached by a bum or druggie to see if he could use my phone, became an 80's song critic with a guy who talked my ear off during an hour long commute home, and had men stop in the middle of the street to see if I was single.  Only me.

Another thing that I got back into was singing with my dear old choir.  Nothing makes me more happy than releasing my heart through my vocal chords.  

And within this group of people are a smaller groups of singers whom I love to sing with even more.
There is one person who is missing from this picture....Miss Liz!!!!  We missed you that  night btw.  Anywhos, these kooky group of singers are flipplin fantastic and they taught me the BEST. DRINKING. GAME. EVER!  King's cup.

For those of you who do not know of this game, google or bing it.  It seriously is a blast in a glass.

And then there was family...

The people, I think will miss the most.  There is nothing like a group of people that share the same genes as you who will always be there no matter what....mainly because they have no choice.  hehe

But I would have to say this visit bought me closer to my family and made me appreciate them more.  I will truly miss them, despite the times I wanted to just build myself a boat and row my way  back to England because I was so irritated with them.

I'm gonna miss this crazy little character right here.  Little Miss Taylor.  She's a different type of soul she is, and I love it.  I've had quite a few bonding times with her and I cherished every single moment.  I can't wait to see her again in a few months!

And these 2 ladies alongside me.  They're like the sisters I never had.  I love them and will miss hanging with them.  I will also miss Gina and I's little date night rendezvous as well.  Never a dull moment when we are together.  Love you guys!

And then of course my familia.  I think being mature makes you appreciate these people a lot more.  Despite all the hell that I've raised in this house throughout my years of finding myself, they still accept me and deal with me.  I think being away from them finally made me appreciate them, and I can proudly day that they are my family and I love them with all my heart.  

There are more people that I would like to include in this here posting, but just like the Oscars, my speech time is up.  But to all that I have shared memories with these past 5 months, I just want to say thank you....and we'll do it again soon!!!!!  


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Heffas about town.

One of my most favorite things to do in life is to entertain my mouth with various types of yummy.  I love to taste all kinds of exciting flavors swimming in my mouth.  I like to bring out my inner Columbus and discover new edibles that have never come across this tastebud infested surface hidden in my mouth.  Great joy overcomes me when my tongue touches a foreign taste that I immediately become a little fat girl eating cake for the first time.  I just can't stop eating it. I just plain love being a heffa.  So now that you kinda get an idea how much I love to eat....let's proceed.

So there's this thing that is held in San Francisco twice a year.  And before I moved across the pond, I used to partake in this bi-annual event religiously.  This event is called Dine About Town.  What it is, is this.  Well, other than being the BEST thing ever thought of, it's a chance for us non guppies to dine amongst the high rollers in an environment where lifting your pinky at all times is a famous dance move.  Everyone is doing it.

 How is this possible?

Well ladies and gentlemen, here's the secret.
So these shi-shi restaurants have set menus of 2-3 course meals with set prices.  Lunch is $17.95 and Dinner is $34.94.  So rather than spending up to $75 a person (yes, I am guilty of committing such a crime), the restaurants make it possible for us little people to dine about the town amongst the people that have so much money, they use it as toilet paper rich.  Most of us would call it fine dining.

Here's a bit more info on this FAB dining event::

Now, this event had just ended on the 31st , and I already had my share in richie rich restaurants, and I believe my food finally just digested, hence the reason for this late blog on the occasion.

Although usually I'm prone to hit up about 5 different restaurants during Dine About Town, this time I was only able to hit up 2.  That's what tends to happen when you become a house wife....money tends to hold you back from having fun at times.  But hey, I still got my food, and I'm still a happy fat girl.

So the 2 places that I visited this time was Tommy Toy's for Lunch

And Luna Park for dinner

Both places were parties in my mouth.

Unfortunately, because I was on a timed lunch break when I went to Tommy Toy's, I was unable to take a pictures of my yummy food.  Also....I was really hungry, and my food didn't stand a chance.

BUT, I did remember to take pictures of my edibles at Luna park when I dined with the gal pals....so let me share....WARNING::  Please have a napkin, or Bib nearby, these pictures may cause heavy drooling.....

First off.....Me and the cuzzo shared a BOWL of Sangria....I mean, WHY NOT???

Also, this was the only restaurant that offered a 5 course meal, so of course, me being such the skinny person I am, chose to dine over here....

So here was the first course:

I of course got too excited and couldn't wait to eat it before realising I had to take a picture.  But it was a Devilled egg with a fish on top.  Sounds pretty weird, but it actually tasted pretty good.

 Next stop, was appetizers.  My chosen dish was a goat cheese fondue (which I later paid for the next day because alcohol and cheese don't make a cute couple) served with green apples and bread.  It was yums.

The other chicas had these::

 Assorted corndogs with assorted mustards....

A poki salad with fried wonton chips

On to the 3rd course

 some of the ladies had a salmon....I think

 The other ladies, whom I'm later envied after the server served this delightful dish, had meat.  I'm not sure if it was a steak, mignon, or prime rib, it was just meat, and it was DAMN good.

 And I chose this lamb stew.  I'm not a fan of stew, but the way it was described on the menu sounded very cool and foreign, and I'm a sucker for things like that, so naturally I ordered it.  I should have gotten the meat.
 The best course up next was of course: Dessert.
My choice was the Luna Park Smore's.  Very yummy....EXCEPT, I wasn't a huge fan of the homemade graham crackers.  It tasted like wheat bread, and I was in the mood to feel fat, I didn't need to have the taste of anything healthy in my mouth.  Thank god for the melted chocolate and marshmallows, otherwise, it would have been a total failure.

 I forgot to take a picture of what the other ladies got, I was too engrossed in my scooping my melted marshmallows out of my dish....

THEN the last and final course....some sort of tart.  It was just....OK.....

So anyways....that's a sneak peak of what could you would be able pack into your tummy.....

I highly recommend taking part in this yummy opportunity when it comes into town.  OK, I'm going to go now....I'm hungry....