Thursday, 30 September 2010


This thing right hurr was about 3 months in the making.  There were tons of thinking, designing, planning, and my favorite, shopping.

So a while back I mentioned that I was working on a little project.....well....I'm proud to say that this project has been started and is fully in effect.

Now, what is this project?  I have actually opened up another store on, and the items that I am selling in this shop are beautiful Vintage items that I think are worth saving from the trash.  Here's the name of my shop

Like my logo?  Thanks, I did it myself.

Anyways....yes, so I have gone into the Vintage route and have decided to sell all the cool and beautiful things that I find whilst shopping at a thrift shop, garage sale, or flea market.  

So how did you decide to get into such a business?  Well....being a lover of vintage, all things pretty, finding joy in discovering unique items that cause me to gasp,  and of course SHOPPING, I've decided to combine those passions and put it to use.  So I did, and here's my passion.

I hope you like it....a lot of thinking and work has gone into this sucker.  

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, my shop.

Hilar Hilar Hilar

I would have to say this my most favorite Axe commercial. Whoever does these commercials are BRILLIANT!!!!!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Light Bright

This past fashion weeks in many countries showed us what we will be wearing for Spring/Summer 2011.  I think by the looks of what was presented....sunglasses will not only be an accessory, but a necessity...

I'm actually liking what I see.....

One more thing....I have to add this one for a shoe they showed in China's fashion week::
It's like designer Crocs.....

Bodies of the Gym

So for the past few months, I have totally become a gym fiend.  I crave it, I dream it, I have to have it.  I find that it's a great place to use as an emotional outlet, a punching bag for that fight with your significant other, a place to use as your alone time, and of course to tone that beautiful body of yours.  Of course, me being the nosey little gal that I am, I like to scope out the different characters making use of this physical place.  I so heart seeing the different types of personalities and see how they interact with other different types of personalities.  It's actually good entertainment.  So from this first paragraph here, you can automatically see what this blog entry will be about.  And with that said....on with the blog.


  These guys right here make me smirk with a little rolling of the eyes.  I found that you can find these kind of guys gathered around the free weights area like a herd of water buffalos.  Automatically I think (and sorry I'm judging....but 90% of the time I'm right in this situation right here) that they are nothing but a bunch of body mass with muscles that love nothing but to look at themselves in the mirror, with that slight look out the corner of their eye to check out anything walking with boobs.  Also, in this section of the gym, a ton of grunting and encouraging words of "come on, come on, you got it man" to their buddy, tend to take over this testosterone infested area.

 Usually when I'm in their part of the gym, I try to work out as fast as I can to avoid my eyes from constant rolling.

Over the Top Excercisers ::

These people provide me with tons of LOLs.  I love them.  They are the people that go to the gym in MAJOR matching workout outfits.  From their multi-colored headband to the shoelaces on their shoes.  Also, their workout ethics tend to match the outfits they wear as well.  They are pretty easy to spot, because they are usually the ones that are dancing like crazy to the music blasting in their ears or lip-singing over dramatically.  Yeah.  They make me happy.

The Jean- Wearers ::

Ok, these people I don't really get.  I mean, I don't see how working out in Jeans is comfortable.  Also, it just looks plain funny.  Ok, that's enough about them....there's really not much to say because personally, I don't get it.

Newbies ::

These peeps are hilar to me as well.  Now, I know I shouldn't be making fun of them because I once was one of them, but I can't help it, and I'm a mean little bitch like that.  But anyways, these people make me laugh inside my head.  You can totally tell who is a newbie and who isn't.  Simply by the way they use the machines, they tend to either sit the wrong way or look like their just pulling down a weight bar like it were a lampshade cord.  No effort.  But what I love about them the most is the fact that although they are totally using the equipment the wrong way,  they act like they are one of the meat heads and have that determined work out face with their hands to their hips....only thing missing is the sweat.

Workout Divas ::
They tend to make my eyes roll as much as the meat heads.  These chicks are the ones who come in with cake on their face, got their hair did, and earrings to match their eye shadow.  Totally unnecessary.  Ok, that's enough about them....I don't want to talk too much shizz....

Bitches with nice-ass bodies that give me so much motivation::
Self explanatory...

The elderly::

They have my heart.  I think nothing is cuter than a elder person working out in orthopedic shoes and a 1950's track suit.  They make me coo.  What's even cuter, are the ones that take the classes and they come out and tend to chatter about their grandkids and such whilst holding a yoga mat and their vintage gym bag and matching water bottle.  Sigh....they make me want to hug.

So that pretty much covers the main types of personalities that I encounter during my daily visits.  If it weren't for them I think I would probably feel like a hamster running on a wheel.  No excitement whatsoever.  

Sunday, 19 September 2010

I love Saturdays

This group of talented gals right here are my most favorite girl group right now. Not only are they named after my favorite day of the week, but they are so talented, cute, and just plain awesome. They are called the Saturdays.
They're music is so fresh, happy, and so infectious to my dancing blood. I heart them with all my heart.
I decided to blog about them this beautiful Sunday, because it was because of The Saturdays, that I started the day off with a smile and a great mood. This is their latest song that I heard first thing this morning. FAB!

Also, my most favorite in the group is Frankie Sandford. I love her style, her personality, and her hair. I'm sooooo close to becoming her hair clone.  Also, she has a BANGIN body that I hope to one day acquire.  FIERCE!

Friday, 17 September 2010

A vintage washboard

Being on the vintage subject.  Thought I'd share a cool little vintage pic with you that got my eyes popping out my eye sockets and my tongue rolling out like a doggy.  Hope you feel the same....

Secondhand comparison

Despite me gaining a liking for sausages and a love for Jeremy Kyle, England has also opened my heart to another love:: Charity shopping...AKA thrift shopping.  Maybe this factor can also be blamed on frugality and old age, but I'd like to say England has created this influence in me.  There's no such thing as old age in my blood.

I must confess, I have always been a fan of second-hand stores ever since I descended from that dark and dreary tunnel 30 years ago.  I've always enjoyed anything Vintage and old looking, which probably explains why used to dress like an old lady back in the day.  Also, living in a world where fashion tends to be reincarnated constantly by high end designers, it helps big time when I can find the OG style at a much happier price.  But anyway that's steering way off the subject at hand.

So anyways, despite the fact that I was a frequent thrift shopper before my move to the other side of the world,  England had a huge influence on increasing that frequency.  Also, the things you can find out over in England are so much more historic and "OMG!  Look at this!" -ish.  In all my 30 years, I never imagined myself driving around in search of a boot sale, AKA flea market.  This obsession is ridiculous.  I have even recruited the love of my life to this fun little hobby.  There are so many treasures to be discovered at these places.  I could never imagine calling these rare pieces trash.

I mean, who in their right mind would want to throw away a marble butane lighter that 60+ years old, or a weight scale so old was probably made when my great grandparents were little sperms swimming to find their egg.  Like I said, such rare treasures.  Another source of treasure hunting that I use are Charity shops.  To you and me we call it Thrift Shops.    What I like about these shops are not only are you able to buy all kinds of cool old shit, but the money you spend will go towards to whatever charity the store supports.  Hence the name CHARITY shops.  Believe it or not, it took me a while to realize why they were called that too.  Too much air in this little noggin of mine.

So let's compare England's rubbish to the rubbish in the land of the Americans.'s kinda cool over here.  But I would have to label the items found over here more "retro."  You just can't find items that are 100+ old over here.  Also, the shopping scene up in these stores are not as quaint as the scene found in England.  Rather than having the cute English ladies looking at items they could use in their cute little English home, you have families with wailing kids, perverted men staring at you like you were a piece of trophy gold, and ghetto people complaining about why they can't return an iron that don't work.  GIRL, you bought it at a THRIFT store.  SMH.

But besides the scene being more chaotic over here, the items are not so "oooooh" "aaaaaah"- ish.  It doesn't make my heart stop and want to pick it up while a light shines upon it then music in the background plays in my head.  Maybe the answer to that may be the fact that America is not as old as Jolly ol' England and the history reaches only up to the native Americans.....and I know that the thrift stores won't be selling any spears and arrow heads.  Sigh....I don't know, it's times like this where I tend to appreciate a place I never really thought I would have appreciated so much.  I miss England and it's treasures.......

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Ooooooohhhkaaaayyyyy......So, now that I'm in another country, I am now exposed to a new batch of yummy testosterone.  And yes, that means my #10 has changed again.  So the man of the month this month is

Andrew Jenks.

Alright, are you done with the twisted faces?  Yeah I know, he's not the hottest piece of ass  known to woman, but this guy got me through personality.  How did I discover such a normal chode?

Well, Mr. Jenks has a new show on MTV, "World of Jenks."  It's a show that consists of him living with different types of characters for a week to see how it is to be them.  So this morning, first thing that pops on the TV is MTV's infamous re-runs of shows, and one of them were Jenk's.  The one that got me all googly about him was when he was living with an Autistic man.  Now, I've seen Andrew's show before when he lived with a rapper for a week, and that didn't get my panties wet at all.  But, after this show, and seeing him interact with the autistic man, my panties fell off and my heart softened!

The way he treated the man and just wanted to be his friend, and wanting to make sure that he made him happy made the "awwwwww's" and hand to the heart motions go crazy.  I just wanted to pretend I was the chick from "The Ring" and go through the TV (minus the weird throaty"aaaaaa" sound and the hair plastered to the face look.)  to give him a hug and maybe a sloppy kiss on the lips.....and then tell him nothing more can happen because I'm a married woman, of course.  :)  He has such a huge heart and is such a cool person, his looks were automatically over written.  Therefore, he won the #10 title of the month.

I must confess, I almost blogged about another potential #10 last night.  If it weren't for watching the show this morning, I would have been blogging about another man so totally different from this one.  Wanna know who it would've been?

This stud muffin

But in this case, personality won and looks (and size) lost.  FYI though, I honestly don't think this will be the last time you see this Italian stallion on my blog......rrrrrrrrr

Monday, 13 September 2010

Fist pumping my love

I know, I know I'm 2 seasons behind the game, but I have a good excuse.  England.  So anyways....on to the story at hand.....

This past weekend you don't know how grateful to God I have become.  Not only was I re-connected with loved ones and familiar ways....but I have been introduced to something that made me complete.  The show Jersey Shore.  Yes....I have officially become addicted to all orange people with big poofs and six pack abs with greasy hair.  I swear, after that first blissful hour of being de-virginized by an orgy of guidos and guidettes, I wanted more.  I didn't care if it was the same episode over and over again.  I needed my fix.

Being a TV whore and a lover of all things pop culture....I would have to say this one show has got me big time.  I don't know what it is about it that gets me all juiced and smiling like a goof ball,  but after the episode, I felt like a heroine addict looking for some more so that I could shoot it into my blood stream.  It was redonkulous.  My God, it was so bad, that last night I dreamt that I was comparing my bikini line to Snooki while sunbathing on South Beach.  I'm a sad, sad person.

Maybe it's the fact that all the characters are Italian (one of the nationalities I'm absolutely obsessed with.)  Or maybe it's the mixture of hilarious horny characters that don't play and aren't afraid to get in your face.  Or maybe the plethera of acronyms and nicknames they developed.  They seriously created their own language, and I PERSONALLY think they should write a juicehead dictionary.  But whatever it is, it's brilliant and fabulous, and I'm so glad God created the Italians so that I could be this happy.

  I would have to say my favorite character would have to be the pint-size Snooki.  She's such a random BZ that's not afraid of anyone.  Also, she's got the biggest heart.

Also....I seriously do enjoy the viewing pleasure of all the muscles that tend to invade the TV screen.

Another thing I enjoy, and please don't judge me for saying this,  is seeing how aggressive these Italian stallions act towards them BZs they meet in the clubs.  I heart aggressive men, but only if they withhold a big teddy bear heart, which is what these guys have.

*sigh*  Can't wait till the next episode....

Oh, one more thing....whilst looking through pictures for this blog, I stumbled upon this one
I thought it was cool.  That's all.  Ok bye.

This. Is . Sick.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Back and Forth

It's been days since my last post.  And since my last post, I have played tour guide to my parents, left my home and my little KT, spent 10+ hours on an airplane,  was left heartbroken, cried my eyes dry,  and reunited with good company.  

Ok, so let me translate that.

  So since my last post, my parents visited the hubby and I at our homested.  We brought them around our part of the world and introduced them to our hood.  After five days of sightseeing, I, along with the parentals, packed up and headed to my other home.  The Bay Area.  I had no idea that this trip to the Bay would be so heart wrenching.  It's really hard to leave a place you built up as your home to then go to another home that's not really yours.  It's weird.  Along with leaving my home, I left my darling little KT, who has surprisingly has touched a big part of my heart.  Me and that bitch seriously bonded.

Ok, so after my tearful good-bye with my living piece of fur, I then had a tearful moment with the hubby.  This was the hardest farewell, I have had to accomplish.  To be with someone every single day, to create a bond and friendship that only puts smiles on your face,  and then suddenly stop cold turkey is not a kosher feeling at all.  I think I actually did Justin Timberlake's song justice and cried a river.  My heart was broken at the fact that I couldn't see my BFF for the next 4 months. It's the hardest thing I had to encounter during this past year of marriage.  Damn deployment!

There is a positive part to this Sad Sally story.  The positive part are the group of positive people that I am blessed to have.  First of all the parents.  Although I know they are so over seeing my eyes produce non-stop tears, they are still trying their best to make me happy despite my miss attitude moments.  Bless  them.
And then I have my gal pals.  They always know how to make my belly jiggle with laughter.  They never fail to lend a tentative ear and words of great encouragement.  Not only are these ladies great friends, and are also a crazy bunch of women who never fail to keep my going.  I love them.

Being forced to live a life bouncing back and forth across the globe, has made me realize how precious life is.  How you have to enjoy everything that is given to you and not take it for granted.  Although this type of life can be very detremental to my emotions, it also has made me a more grounded person who has learned to appreciate all things little in life.  You never know how long you're going to have it.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

guilty pleasure part 2

Right, ok.  So being that I'm partaking in my Mon through Fri addiction, I've decided to expand more on my guilty pleasure.  It's a beautiful Thursday Morning, I'm drinking my coffee, and positioned oh so comfortably on my wonderful couch.  Right in front of me is a display of Eurotrash being scolded by an endearing host that loves to belittle and push people's buttons.

Yes, I am currently being entranced by my guilty pleasure with a huge grin on my face.  From my previous post, I have already explained why I love to indulge in such bad taste.  Now, let me visually show you what that bad taste looks like::
Ok, now tell me you weren't entertained or amused by just scrolling through these pics.  Also, to add more joy to the pics, go back and read how outrageous the headlines are.  I get a giggle just by them.

Now, to show you how much class these wonderful human beings are, let me share another pic.

This awesome moment captured here is a man walking on stage and immediately head-butting another man.  How, flippin hilar is that?  sigh.  I tell you, these Brits.

Also, to show you how horrible "Jezzer" treats these people, let me post a couple of picture interpretations of what the British public thinks of this wonderful host.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My English Guilty Pleasure

I have many guilty pleasures in my life. I can't help it, I love all things awful and with bad taste. I tend to find some beauty in it that makes me happy and squealing with glee. What can I say, I'm a different type of breed.
So whilst my residency over here in Jolly ol' England, I have found a guilty pleasure that has me glued to the telly Monday through Friday 3 times a day. This guilty pleasure is called the "Jeremy Kyle" show. And what is this show about exactly, you ask? Well, imagine the writers of Jerry Springer and Maury Povich sexing, and having an affair with Steve Wilkos, which then creates a love child. That love child is the Jeremy Kyle show. Such a brilliant and beautiful baby.
What's so horrible and great about this show is that the guests on here are so trashy and with bad taste. LAV IT! I cannot fathom to tell you how many people on this show don't know who the father of their child are, or lie that they are cheating on their lover, or even have 2+ children with the same guy (so any women have multiple children with multiple fathers). They also have neighbors squabbling like children, and couples fighting over FB have read that correctly, they really do fight over things like that. And to top everything off, the host Jeremy Kyle yells and degrades these people so bad, that if this were done in the states, he would have been jumped then stabbed on stage right then and there. He's awesome! What makes this even better than that is the fact they all these troubled humans have English accents, which always tends to make things more enjoyable for me.
Now let's diss on how these guests look. Such trash with horrible fashion sense, it makes me wonder if they own mirrors in their caravan (trailer home), or their one room flat. Also, rather than looking at these people in the face, my eyes tend to gravitate to the mess between their lips. Yes, their teeth are horrendous. Pretty much validates that the English have such bad teeth. Sigh...I'm smiling just thinking about the show. It's great.
To give you a taste of my favorite addiction, here's a clip of one of the shows. Enjoy!
PS although the guests have horrible fashion sense, the audience is actually pretty well threaded. I tend to get ideas from them.