Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Ooooooohhhkaaaayyyyy......So, now that I'm in another country, I am now exposed to a new batch of yummy testosterone.  And yes, that means my #10 has changed again.  So the man of the month this month is

Andrew Jenks.

Alright, are you done with the twisted faces?  Yeah I know, he's not the hottest piece of ass  known to woman, but this guy got me through personality.  How did I discover such a normal chode?

Well, Mr. Jenks has a new show on MTV, "World of Jenks."  It's a show that consists of him living with different types of characters for a week to see how it is to be them.  So this morning, first thing that pops on the TV is MTV's infamous re-runs of shows, and one of them were Jenk's.  The one that got me all googly about him was when he was living with an Autistic man.  Now, I've seen Andrew's show before when he lived with a rapper for a week, and that didn't get my panties wet at all.  But, after this show, and seeing him interact with the autistic man, my panties fell off and my heart softened!

The way he treated the man and just wanted to be his friend, and wanting to make sure that he made him happy made the "awwwwww's" and hand to the heart motions go crazy.  I just wanted to pretend I was the chick from "The Ring" and go through the TV (minus the weird throaty"aaaaaa" sound and the hair plastered to the face look.)  to give him a hug and maybe a sloppy kiss on the lips.....and then tell him nothing more can happen because I'm a married woman, of course.  :)  He has such a huge heart and is such a cool person, his looks were automatically over written.  Therefore, he won the #10 title of the month.

I must confess, I almost blogged about another potential #10 last night.  If it weren't for watching the show this morning, I would have been blogging about another man so totally different from this one.  Wanna know who it would've been?

This stud muffin

But in this case, personality won and looks (and size) lost.  FYI though, I honestly don't think this will be the last time you see this Italian stallion on my blog......rrrrrrrrr

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