Monday, 13 September 2010

Fist pumping my love

I know, I know I'm 2 seasons behind the game, but I have a good excuse.  England.  So anyways....on to the story at hand.....

This past weekend you don't know how grateful to God I have become.  Not only was I re-connected with loved ones and familiar ways....but I have been introduced to something that made me complete.  The show Jersey Shore.  Yes....I have officially become addicted to all orange people with big poofs and six pack abs with greasy hair.  I swear, after that first blissful hour of being de-virginized by an orgy of guidos and guidettes, I wanted more.  I didn't care if it was the same episode over and over again.  I needed my fix.

Being a TV whore and a lover of all things pop culture....I would have to say this one show has got me big time.  I don't know what it is about it that gets me all juiced and smiling like a goof ball,  but after the episode, I felt like a heroine addict looking for some more so that I could shoot it into my blood stream.  It was redonkulous.  My God, it was so bad, that last night I dreamt that I was comparing my bikini line to Snooki while sunbathing on South Beach.  I'm a sad, sad person.

Maybe it's the fact that all the characters are Italian (one of the nationalities I'm absolutely obsessed with.)  Or maybe it's the mixture of hilarious horny characters that don't play and aren't afraid to get in your face.  Or maybe the plethera of acronyms and nicknames they developed.  They seriously created their own language, and I PERSONALLY think they should write a juicehead dictionary.  But whatever it is, it's brilliant and fabulous, and I'm so glad God created the Italians so that I could be this happy.

  I would have to say my favorite character would have to be the pint-size Snooki.  She's such a random BZ that's not afraid of anyone.  Also, she's got the biggest heart.

Also....I seriously do enjoy the viewing pleasure of all the muscles that tend to invade the TV screen.

Another thing I enjoy, and please don't judge me for saying this,  is seeing how aggressive these Italian stallions act towards them BZs they meet in the clubs.  I heart aggressive men, but only if they withhold a big teddy bear heart, which is what these guys have.

*sigh*  Can't wait till the next episode....

Oh, one more thing....whilst looking through pictures for this blog, I stumbled upon this one
I thought it was cool.  That's all.  Ok bye.

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