Monday, 31 May 2010


This song sooooo deserves and honorable mention. Whenever the hubby and I hear this song in the club we go WIIIIILD!

Yes, this song is that fresh.

Let Them Drink Beer!

I'm so not a beer drinker.  BUT, I love social gatherings.  Because of the festival part, I agreed to attend the 37th Beerfest in Cambridge this past Saturday with my homie, por vida.

 I tell you, there is nothing like spending a rainy Saturday in a huge white tent in the middle of Cambridge amongst drunk English and foreign people with red faces, and pints in their hands.  I do have to say too, Europeans are crazy mutherf@*^%rs when intoxicated.  And I'm saying mutherf@*^%rs in a good way.  I mean yes, drunk people in general are hilarious to watch.  But when you add an accent  and another country, it's hilarious x10!

Unfortunately, because intoxicated people don't tend to stay still for very long, and the beer that I consumed interfered with my judgement,  I wasn't able to catch the people or instances that made me chuckle or amazed.  My bad, I need to work on those skills.  But here's what I did get::

A guy on his Stag party AKA Bachelor party where I guess the theme for them was to dress up like cowboys.

The beer that decorated the walls of the tent

Funny t-shirts that were so hilar, I literally stood in front of this vendor booth for 15 minutes reading all the T-shirts and chuckling like a mad woman.

 And of course.  Beer.

Now, because I went to a beerfest, let me talk about the beer.  It tasted like beer. What more can I say?

They had ales, lagers, and stouts.  Because I'm fond of stouts, that was my primary drink of choice......and because I love to get drunk, I suffered through all the nasty tasting lagers and ales that had a high alcohol percentage and forced that happy liquid down my throat.

Here's how the beerfest procedure to beer tasting went ::

When we first got there we had to buy a glass pint.

This here pint glass, was going to be our close accomplice throughout the festival.  This piece of glass was what would hold all the beer that would fill our tummies with the happy juice and smile increaser.

So after you pick your pint pick your beer.

You can purchase your beer per full pint or half pint.  Since I'm not an enthusiastic beer drinker....and the hubby was the designated driver....we sissied out and went for the half.

But I must admit, we did cheat, cause like I said before...we chose the beer with the higher alcohol percentage.  Hey.  Recession.

Once purchased....we enjoy our fermented drink.

Beerfest.  Highly recommended.

Everyday Fierceness

I found this picture of Beyonce's jacket and shoes from the "Telephone" video.  I was fierce would the world look if everyone wore pieces of clothing as HOT as this.  LAV it!

Sunday, 30 May 2010


So on a Saturday night me and my hubby, due to old age, were watching "Britain's Got Talent" on the telly. Britain's Got Talent is pretty much a huge talent show for England created by none other than Mr. Simon Cowell.

Anyway, one of the groups that I saw perform was this one group of 3 brothers from Swansea. They were really passionate about dance and were sooooo good. What made them stand out was how proud they were of what they did, and their reaction after dancing. They just cried and hugged and cherished the moment they were in. I was like Niagra Falls on a good day. The tears would not stop.....and the dang hubby wouldn't stop laughing at my crying. What a kill joy.

Here's the clip from the show.  I must warn you, you may want to grab a box of's gonna get wet.....

Friday, 28 May 2010

The old people's hang out

Every Sat. and Wed, my town, my hood, Bury St. Edmunds hold their own little outdoor market in town center.  It's not as big and grandios as the other markets I travel afar to visit....but it's a cool ass market.

It's a quaint little occasion that sells everything from doggy supplies to plants to batteries, and bread, whatever you want they got.  Bury got you.

Ribbons and decorating supplies
doggy supplies

 I enjoy just walking around and observing the sights.  Because Bury is known to hold a lot of elder people, the market would naturally become the old folks kick it spot every Saturday and Wednesday.

 Once entering town center, you are all of a sudden suffocated in a flood of 70's and over.  It's cute in a way.  You would see groups of elder women walking around town comparing vegetables they bought and gushing about their grandchildren, old military vets zooming around in their wheel chairs decorated with British flags honorable medals, old couples dressed in their Sunday best looking at vacuums or just strolling along, enjoying the beautiful or gloomy weather.

It always makes me think if that's going to be me in the future.  They all look happy and content, so I hope so.....

Here's a little fashion bit.  Check out this lady's jacket.  I loved the colors and design.  She was so hip in my eyes.

I heart...

This dress::

SJP wore it for the movie premire of SATC 2 in London.  It's by Alexander McQueen.  It's gorgeous.  She even wore an arm band in memory of him.  LAV!

Thursday, 27 May 2010


So having majored in Advertising....I have a great appreciation for ads and commercials. When I was in College, I remember thinking that all the ads and commercials from England were so witty and cool. They were so creative and different, they actually made me feel like a failure because, I felt they were so clever that I thought I could never come up with anything as brilliant. As a student, I was determined to become as good and creative as them because I wanted to move and work there. Their stuff was more of my cup of tea. (Drums and symbol) It was the humor that got me. that I live here, I think that England was wrongly represented at my school. Not to knock the English or anything....but I haven't seen any ad that made me wet my pants from excitement or get inspired to think of something as creative or witty. Where are they hiding?

Here's one example of an ad that they have showing on the telly. It's for car insurance. Yeah...I know right?  But I  must confess.....I do find myself singing this little jingle at odd times of the day.....

*Sigh* Paris....

I've recently discovered that I get inspired a lot by fashion.  I was looking through different types of fashion pictures today....something I tend to do on a daily basis, and this one picture

made me want to plan a trip to Paris.  Oh, Paris Ja' tem.  I love the architecture, the romantic air, the art,  the snobby Parisians with ciggys dangling from their mouth or hand, and most of all the fashion!

I'm going to try and persuade the hubby to go soon....

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

This is crazy

Let me give you a taste of the type of shock value news that happen over here in England.

Yesterday I was on catching up on my English news, when I fell upon and became obsessed with this news article.

It was the type of news that made me gasp with my hand on my chest shaking my head.  I got so obsessed with this article I researched some more. Here ::

As sad as it would actually see these type of stories decorating the news.  When I first got here, I thought these were fake stories because I just couldn't believe they were true.

They had events like, "Woman paedophile arrested for sexually abusing kids in nursery," or "Man marries Cat," or "Father keeps daughter as sex slave."  You wouldn't think this stuff was true right?  As much as I wish it weren't, it really is. So many crazies out there....

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The men of London

Had to post this picture.  It totally captures the true essence of London men.

To bad you can't hear what they sound like, it makes that essence even more enjoyable.....


If you follow me on Twitter, you would probably be seeing that I mention this place called Ipswich a lot.  I've noticed that since I've been back, that I have deposited tons of my money and time in this little town.

I like Ipswich, and what it holds. Btw, here's some information about this cool little town.

So what I love so much about this place is not only does it hold a BEAUTIFUL Primark store,

 but it houses various other stores that make me want to hug myself with glee wearing a huge smile on my face.  They have stores such as River Island ( my other favorite store),

 the Pound store ( the equivalent to the dollar store), tons of cool kitchen knick knack stores, toys stores, shoes stores, and get this a TK MAXX (which is exactly like TJ Maxx, but it's got a different name ).

  Visiting these stores give me such joy in life, as it does to many other wives, I'm sure,  as well....

OK, now with shop-a-holic mode turned off, let me describe this town Ipswich.  It's a cute little English town splashed with a little bit of the world.  So, you got the cobble stone streets, the little zooming cars, the English old women walking around in their stockings and wheel carts, English pubs advertising nothing but Lagers and fish N' chips, old buildings, brick houses attached to eachother like siamese twins lining the streets, and the infamous English markets held a the heart of town center, that all make Ipswich a normal English town.

Now then you add the Muslim women covered head to toe, only displaying their exotic eyes, South African accents come out of women with wild hair and brightly colored dresses, Brazilian accents thrown around here and there, macho Turkish men smoking fags and eyeing you like a piece of meat, colorful Saris worn by beautiful Indian women, and Polish buff men walking in a line as if you were in a scene of West Side story, you've got the world inside this little town.  What's even cooler, is that when you talk to these people, although they are foreign, they speak with a slight English accent along with their native one.  It's a pretty surreal experience when talking to them.

Along with the variety of people are the variety of restaurants.  If you're not turned on by bland English food, this place is where to go.  They have everything from fried mini donuts to Asian food, to Jamaican, to Turkish Kababs, with a few English pubs and bakeries of course.  England wouldn't sell out like that.

I enjoy places like these.  I can easily write a novel about this town.  There's so much to talk about and describe about this beautiful place....but boring people is not my shpeal.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

De Hoe's

 Oh skanky hoes, you can be so funny sometimes.....

So last Thursday, the hubby, some friends, and I decided to grace our presence at a nightclub in Newmarket.  Now before I go any further, let me add some background about Newmarket by day here.  There you go.  :)

Now, Newmarket by night, is a totally different story.  There are 2 huge nightclubs there.  One called Innocence (pretty ironic, which you will soon find out why), and the other called Di Nero's.  When I first got here, many girlfriends were telling me not to let Rick go to these 2 clubs alone.  Why?  That's exactly what I asked.  Well according to them, these 2 places are known to hold a plethera of skanky British hoes trying to catch them a hungry for ass military man.  When I first heard these accusations against these clubs, I was just thinking in my head that naw, It's probably not that bad.  They're probably just jealous and controlling....haha...yeah.

 I finally got my chance to judge one of the clubs.  Di Nero's AKA DeHoes.  As soon as I set foot in this place, the giggles, and "Oh my Lord, No she didn't's" continued to invade my mouth for the entire night.  Lordy, all I saw in front of my face were girls 18-21 dressed in either mini skirts that barely covered their non-existant asses, jean booty cutters that looked like underwear, tops that were so low that they might as well have walked around topless, and clunky heels that made it look like they were walking on 6" marshmallows.  Also, it seemed every girl was attached to a horny military guy that thought his grinding moves were quite sexy, when in actuality they looked like a piece of rubber band moving slightly off meat to the music.

My God, I really thought that all these girls gave us respectful woman a bad name.  I mean, the way they presented themselves was horrid.  It was sad, really.  There were these 2 gals dancing on the stripper poles in the main dance room, and OMG, they might have as well been filming a porno.  They were making sweet love to these poles with their seductive dance moves.  What was even worse, was the sight of the hungry men drooling and gawking at the bottom of the stage.  I wanted to take a picture of these amateur pole dancers, but as soon as I put my camera up, I all of a sudden felt like a lesbian and felt very uncomfortable.

 I swear, every corner I went were young women dancing very suggestively, and every so often checking out the scene to see if they were being watched by a dude.  I felt sorry for them that they had to stoop this low.

Despite all the disappointing skanky women, I did get a few good laughs.  I mean, although the chicas were dancing all seductively, it didn't mean they looked all graceful and pretty.  I actually thought they looked like they were hurting when they were dancing.   It's like they were concentrating so hard on trying  to look sexy, that they forgot there was music to dance ALONG to.  Also....because of their revealing clothing, they were constantly trying to pull up or down their apparel.   Another thing that made me laugh were the military dudes that thought that it was so bright in the club that they had to wear their sunglasses.

Straight Comedy.  

One more thing....I had to add this in.  I thought it was pretty Goddam awesome for this club to have a punching machine and a cigarette and lighter vending machine.  What was even cooler was the fact that guys actually did play with this punching game machine thingy.  Entertainment, really.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Should I?

So I saw these leggings a while back at H & M.  I thought they were cute, but wasn't sure if I could pull them off.  Then I stumbled upon this pic of this chick wearing them and they looked cute.....still wondering if I can rock them like she does....
What do you think?

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Due to the fact that I do not work, I risk the chance of becoming a BMW.   NO!  I will not become a car. In the military, about half the population of military wives become a "Big Military Wife."  I REFUSE to become one, therefore, I have started to get my fitness on.

What is included in my workout regime?  First of all, I'm going to cut down on all fatty foods.  Which unfortunately means, I can no longer indulge in most of the UK's delicacies.  Delicacies like fish n' chips, the oh so wonderful heart attack inducer, the English breakfast, all the grilled sausages, the burgers drenched in oil, and OMG I'm drooling, I need to stop.

Second  part of the regime,  to work out more.

Because the military is so awesome, I have started to workout on base at their fully equipped gym, complete with classes and everything, FOR FREE!!!!!  And get this, they have ZUMBA!!!  Woooosa!

I also, started to take classes off base, amongst the Brits.  I took my first Jazzercise class today.

 Oh my Bageeshus!  This class was hilarious!  Not only did I get my total workout, but I was fully entertained.  The instructor was a middle aged British woman who jumped around on stage like a happy leprecaun wearing a leotard.  She was so funny bouncing up and down so rapidly whilst attempting dance moves that looked similar to what  my aunties look like when they dance, and not to mention slightly off beat.  She would also try to sing along with the songs, but only was able to produce a voice of that of an Irish Folk singer.

Despite the fact that I was giggling most of the time while working out, there were some cool perks that I appreciated during this class.  First of all, there were absolutely no mirrors.  Unlike the states, we were in a huge room with no sort of device that would project any flawed workout moves to your peers.  There's nothing like seeing yourself looking like fool, only to discourage you from trying to look cool.  Also, when you start cooling down at the end of the workout, a young lady goes around the room and hands out frozen hand towels.  For a moment, I forgot I was working out and just laid out on my mat with the towel melting on my hot face.  The Brits are so kind.

I wish I was able to show some pictures of this class, but I had no idea how entertaining and awesome this class would be....just take my word for it.

This is dedicated to Karaminder

Here you go my friend....Just for you!
Don't know how I could have forgotten them. They Flippin' ROCK! lol

let's dance

As I was downloading songs for my ipod, I had a revelation.  UK music is so happy!  I've noticed that before I moved over here, a lot of my songs on my ipod consisted of wah wah emo music.  Songs that would cause me to curl up in a ball in a corner and feel sorry for myself and shizz like that.  Yeah, once in a while that kind of music is's kind of like reflecting, but wow, if you were to go through my playlist, you would think that I was going through a depression.

So since I've been here in the UK, my collection of music now consists of happy, semi-fist pumping music.   Every song that I play never ceases to make me smile and jump in my seat with glee.  Sure, I have a couple of depression songs sprinkled here and there, but the quantity has lowered.

I love the music over here.  All the songs that they play are great!  So upbeat, so happy, so "get off my ass and dance," so.....UK.  I mean, even the hip hop artists have that jumpy jumpy feel good music.

Here are a few artists over here that are hot shit right now....Download them

Granted...I know a couple of these artists already crossed-over to the states....which I think is GREAT!

Here are 2 US artists that are absolutely HUGE over here.  Not surprised::

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


So, I guess I'm going through a fashion phase right now, please bear with me.  Just wanted to share something with all those fashionistas.  According to all the fashion mags and blogs that I have been scoping out over here....looks like clogs are going to be the "thing" for the summer.

I'm noticing that they are being worn with mini skirts/dresses, ankle socks, and knee highs.  So cute.

Monday, 17 May 2010

fashion stop

Being a lover of fashion and all things that look pretty, I thought it would be cool to show you examples of how people over here in England dress.  Enjoy!

Elements:: 80's infused with 90's style :: floral :: ankle boots :: high waisted baggy shorts :: platforms

Although, the guys over here don't dress like him, I just had to add this guy in this blog:  His style is FIERCE!