Monday, 31 May 2010

Let Them Drink Beer!

I'm so not a beer drinker.  BUT, I love social gatherings.  Because of the festival part, I agreed to attend the 37th Beerfest in Cambridge this past Saturday with my homie, por vida.

 I tell you, there is nothing like spending a rainy Saturday in a huge white tent in the middle of Cambridge amongst drunk English and foreign people with red faces, and pints in their hands.  I do have to say too, Europeans are crazy mutherf@*^%rs when intoxicated.  And I'm saying mutherf@*^%rs in a good way.  I mean yes, drunk people in general are hilarious to watch.  But when you add an accent  and another country, it's hilarious x10!

Unfortunately, because intoxicated people don't tend to stay still for very long, and the beer that I consumed interfered with my judgement,  I wasn't able to catch the people or instances that made me chuckle or amazed.  My bad, I need to work on those skills.  But here's what I did get::

A guy on his Stag party AKA Bachelor party where I guess the theme for them was to dress up like cowboys.

The beer that decorated the walls of the tent

Funny t-shirts that were so hilar, I literally stood in front of this vendor booth for 15 minutes reading all the T-shirts and chuckling like a mad woman.

 And of course.  Beer.

Now, because I went to a beerfest, let me talk about the beer.  It tasted like beer. What more can I say?

They had ales, lagers, and stouts.  Because I'm fond of stouts, that was my primary drink of choice......and because I love to get drunk, I suffered through all the nasty tasting lagers and ales that had a high alcohol percentage and forced that happy liquid down my throat.

Here's how the beerfest procedure to beer tasting went ::

When we first got there we had to buy a glass pint.

This here pint glass, was going to be our close accomplice throughout the festival.  This piece of glass was what would hold all the beer that would fill our tummies with the happy juice and smile increaser.

So after you pick your pint pick your beer.

You can purchase your beer per full pint or half pint.  Since I'm not an enthusiastic beer drinker....and the hubby was the designated driver....we sissied out and went for the half.

But I must admit, we did cheat, cause like I said before...we chose the beer with the higher alcohol percentage.  Hey.  Recession.

Once purchased....we enjoy our fermented drink.

Beerfest.  Highly recommended.

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