Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Solo Tu 24 Hour Richmond

Now that I'm back to my housewifey ways....I have time to become a frequent visitor of the good ol' gym once again.  In a previous blog, I concentrated on the various types of personalities that visit this sweathouse.
Welp, after today's workout, I would like to re-visit another personality that almost made me LOL off my eliptical.

The personality I would like to talk about would be the "Jean wearing workout buffs."
By the Way, I seriously think that if it weren't for Richmond, this blog wouldn't exist....there is just no other place like it.

On to the Blog....

So here I was getting my workout on and zoning out to the motivating sounds of my ipod.  My zoning out was soon distracted by a walking individual that passed right in front of me.  The first thing that caught my eye was his wet look gelled back hair.  Then I SMH.  I was just thinking ok, pretty boy.

Then I saw was this....
The infamous wife beater.
Ok, not so bad, about 90% of the men at the gym tend to sport this basic piece of apparel.  
Alright, next thing that my eyes fell on was this:
Jeans adorned with some type of design...because I was in the wonderful city of Richmond, this is pretty normal.  I mean on hot days, the men who wear this type of "workout" attire tend to change it up and wear these...

OK, so I immediately categorised this guy with the "guys with jeans" biggy.  Now, here's where the LOL's and SMH slowly started to escape me.  
So usually, these jean wearing workout buffs tend to complete their carefully picked workout fit with a matching pair of mustard boots.  
I mean, why not?  It'll only make your workout more intense right?  Also, these boots were made for tough conditions anyway.  So it only seemed right.

Another option that these jean wearers tend wear for workout shoes are these:

and believe it or not, it's so normal, that this doesn't even phase me.  Sometimes they tend to adorn their belts with belt buckles the size of Texas.  Those too don't phase me as well.  I actually like to look at them, they're pretty....but then I have to soon turn away, because when I look up at the man's face, I see him smiling at the fact that I'm looking at his crotch. *shiver*

Back to this dude.....

Well....this one serious bodybuilder right here topped off his professional workout uniform with a pair of these....
I'm guessing he was going for the metrosexual body builder look.  IDK, he looked great and all,  and I'm sure maybe they were comfortable, otherwise why would he have chosen them for the gym, right?  But that right there is like a woman going to the gym with pumps.  Not cute.

Well, although that whole outfit that was oh so perfect for the gym caught my eye, there was more to his outfit.  As soon as his cologne scent passed my nostrils and I was able to see the backside of this impressively dressed more accessory got my attention, and therefore almost caused me to fall off my machine.  This man was wearing one of these bad boys:

Yes, my friends, I kid you not.  O' boy was sporting a fox tail keychain.  I mean, hey, maybe it was his good luck charm for playing b-ball, or maybe it was his motivation.  But, a FOX TAIL?  

After I have seen this guy passed, I seriously had to compose myself and tried not to look too hard at him....I saw him looking at me through the mirror and he looked pretty impressed with himself.  Oh, honey, if only you knew the real reason....

I think after this, I know I've seen it all at the ever so entertaining 24 hour Richmond.  Thank you Richmond.  You really made my day.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Damn Birds....

So this blog right here took me about 2 days to start.  Yes, 2 days...  I would always start, get distracted, and try again, only to be distracted once more.  This horrible distraction was brought to me by Angry Birds.  Now, don't think that I have been constantly attacked by those flying feathered creatures pecking away at my head or body parts, all the while being used as a public toilet for the past 2 days whilst on my laptop, but I'm referring to the Hell sent game called Angry Birds.

This game has been out for a while, and everyone and their grandmotha knew about this.  And those same people and their grandmotha have been addicted to this game, hence the reason I refused to play it. I'm very fertile to being addicted to such games as these, and seeing the hubby and my friends forever tap on their itouch/iphones and stare into their touchscreen like they were being hypnotized only drew me away from wanting to be apart of this apple trend. I knew if I did, I would then become a hermit.

Well, this past Christmas, my home, por vida bought me an itouch and the App collecting soon began.  So here I was downloading all these Apps, and purposely passing up the Angry Bird Icon.  When I finally ran out of things to download, I wanted to download more....then that dumb bird came up.  So here's what I did.  Shrugged.  SMH.  Downloaded the damn App.  Became a hermit.

I woud have to say, ever since that day, my social life and any source of productivity soon escaped me.  This game is so damn addicting.  I never thought that a game that consisted of shooting round little birds from a sling only to try and destroy structures made of either stone, wood, or glass which hold round little snorting green pigs who are the birds' enemy and hope to kill them amongst the destroying of the structures would be such an addicting event!  So horrible, but yet so fulfilling!

I mean, I get such a victorious high from killing these annoying little pigs and I get such a delightfully thrilling feel from the sound of the falling stones, wood, and glass.  Like I'm living on the edge or something.  Also....trying to strategise on which piece to hit in order to destroy the enemy makes me feel like Napolean during his war days.  

It's actually a miracle that I am able to finish this blog here.  During the last paragraph, I literally stopped like 3 times to play the game and pass the level that I have been stuck on for the past couple days.  Also....the fact that I'm getting a cramp in my right hand from the constant swiping motion kinda told me it was time to take a break.  

Damn birds.....

Monday, 17 January 2011


She's just so's another.....
I want to be her friend so bad....

Words cannot explain...

...How cool this chick is. So a friend of mine has recently introduced me to my newest obsession via Facebook. This obsession is named Jessie J. Not only does this chick have lungs to produce all kinds of goosebumps on my skin, but her style, and performance skills blow my mind. Also, the fact that she's a child of Jolly Ol' England adds points as well. Anyways, thank you AnneMarie for introducing her to me, and everyone prepare to witness one of THE best artists I have ever seen.

Monday, 10 January 2011


In a month's time, I shall be reunited with the hubby, the doggie, and the beautiful treasures of England.

Soooo, to prevent me from lugging all tons of luggage and shipping tons of boxes, I'm will be having a storewide sale at my PRETTYrubbish store!

Yes, from today until Feb 1st, everything in the store will be 25% off.  And who knows....maybe I will feel even more generous and knock off more....just sayen.  so anyways...please visit my store to see what kind of bargin treasures you can find!  Cheers!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Love and the Military

To those who take their lovers for granted...

So these past few months have been husbandless.  At times, specially during our squabbles,  it was a good thing, but other times, not so much.  And it seemed the times that were not so much a good thing tended to override the good.

The day that Rick got on his knee to ask me to be his lifelong partner, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.  I mean, after 7 LONG years and all this love that I have for the fella, WHY NOT?  J Also, being that I dealt with his military deployment ins and outs during our relationship, and me coping just fine, I didn’t think that it would really have a huge effect on me in the future.  I.  Was.  Wrong. 

Literally, a week after he proposed, my life had turned into an emotional rollercoaster.  It wasn’t because of him and his actions, it was him being active in the military.  People, the military is no joke.  Whatever they want, you gotta do.  If not, PEACE!  For an event where we were going to be united as one, I found it pretty ironic that I was planning it alone.  I must admit, there were times where I felt so alone, so stressed, so sad, and it felt odd, because I was supposed to be planning such a happy event.  Those feelings would have def been canceled out if the military didn’t play a mistress in our relationship.

Anyways, the wedding has come and gone, marriage life is bliss….until he got his orders.  The unwanted feelings of sadface came back again.  And of course with our luck, his deployment  happened during the holidays.  For the first time during my existence on this earth, I have never been so sad and miserable.  I mean, I HEART the holidays with all my heart.  There’s nothing like being surrounded by all your loved ones and shopping till you drop, and stuffing your face with all sorts of homemade edibles that gets the excitement going inside of me.  But celebrating the holidays without your hubby, your BFF, is no bueno.  I would have to say it’s the hardest thing I had to do by far.  Although, I am truly grateful to be amongst the presence of all my loved ones and joy and such, there was always that feeling of something missing. 

These past few months have seriously taught me not to take the love of my life for granted. Also, I have mad respect for my other fellow military wives who stand by their man with a strong face.  Now, I must apologize for sounding all emo and shizz like that, I don’t like sounding like that at all.  But I just wanted to send this message to all of those who tend to take their loved ones for granted.  When they get on your nerves for not washing the dishes, or being late, or just being plain irritating, or what not, take a deep breath and smile.  They are there with you.  That’s the most important part.  Us wifeys, who are devoted to these country serving men don’t get a lot of that…