Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Damn Birds....

So this blog right here took me about 2 days to start.  Yes, 2 days...  I would always start, get distracted, and try again, only to be distracted once more.  This horrible distraction was brought to me by Angry Birds.  Now, don't think that I have been constantly attacked by those flying feathered creatures pecking away at my head or body parts, all the while being used as a public toilet for the past 2 days whilst on my laptop, but I'm referring to the Hell sent game called Angry Birds.

This game has been out for a while, and everyone and their grandmotha knew about this.  And those same people and their grandmotha have been addicted to this game, hence the reason I refused to play it. I'm very fertile to being addicted to such games as these, and seeing the hubby and my friends forever tap on their itouch/iphones and stare into their touchscreen like they were being hypnotized only drew me away from wanting to be apart of this apple trend. I knew if I did, I would then become a hermit.

Well, this past Christmas, my home, por vida bought me an itouch and the App collecting soon began.  So here I was downloading all these Apps, and purposely passing up the Angry Bird Icon.  When I finally ran out of things to download, I wanted to download more....then that dumb bird came up.  So here's what I did.  Shrugged.  SMH.  Downloaded the damn App.  Became a hermit.

I woud have to say, ever since that day, my social life and any source of productivity soon escaped me.  This game is so damn addicting.  I never thought that a game that consisted of shooting round little birds from a sling only to try and destroy structures made of either stone, wood, or glass which hold round little snorting green pigs who are the birds' enemy and hope to kill them amongst the destroying of the structures would be such an addicting event!  So horrible, but yet so fulfilling!

I mean, I get such a victorious high from killing these annoying little pigs and I get such a delightfully thrilling feel from the sound of the falling stones, wood, and glass.  Like I'm living on the edge or something.  Also....trying to strategise on which piece to hit in order to destroy the enemy makes me feel like Napolean during his war days.  

It's actually a miracle that I am able to finish this blog here.  During the last paragraph, I literally stopped like 3 times to play the game and pass the level that I have been stuck on for the past couple days.  Also....the fact that I'm getting a cramp in my right hand from the constant swiping motion kinda told me it was time to take a break.  

Damn birds.....

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