Wednesday, 19 May 2010

let's dance

As I was downloading songs for my ipod, I had a revelation.  UK music is so happy!  I've noticed that before I moved over here, a lot of my songs on my ipod consisted of wah wah emo music.  Songs that would cause me to curl up in a ball in a corner and feel sorry for myself and shizz like that.  Yeah, once in a while that kind of music is's kind of like reflecting, but wow, if you were to go through my playlist, you would think that I was going through a depression.

So since I've been here in the UK, my collection of music now consists of happy, semi-fist pumping music.   Every song that I play never ceases to make me smile and jump in my seat with glee.  Sure, I have a couple of depression songs sprinkled here and there, but the quantity has lowered.

I love the music over here.  All the songs that they play are great!  So upbeat, so happy, so "get off my ass and dance," so.....UK.  I mean, even the hip hop artists have that jumpy jumpy feel good music.

Here are a few artists over here that are hot shit right now....Download them

Granted...I know a couple of these artists already crossed-over to the states....which I think is GREAT!

Here are 2 US artists that are absolutely HUGE over here.  Not surprised::

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Qim said...

*Ahem* Where is my Roll Deep Amy?