Sunday, 30 May 2010


So on a Saturday night me and my hubby, due to old age, were watching "Britain's Got Talent" on the telly. Britain's Got Talent is pretty much a huge talent show for England created by none other than Mr. Simon Cowell.

Anyway, one of the groups that I saw perform was this one group of 3 brothers from Swansea. They were really passionate about dance and were sooooo good. What made them stand out was how proud they were of what they did, and their reaction after dancing. They just cried and hugged and cherished the moment they were in. I was like Niagra Falls on a good day. The tears would not stop.....and the dang hubby wouldn't stop laughing at my crying. What a kill joy.

Here's the clip from the show.  I must warn you, you may want to grab a box of's gonna get wet.....

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