Friday, 28 May 2010

The old people's hang out

Every Sat. and Wed, my town, my hood, Bury St. Edmunds hold their own little outdoor market in town center.  It's not as big and grandios as the other markets I travel afar to visit....but it's a cool ass market.

It's a quaint little occasion that sells everything from doggy supplies to plants to batteries, and bread, whatever you want they got.  Bury got you.

Ribbons and decorating supplies
doggy supplies

 I enjoy just walking around and observing the sights.  Because Bury is known to hold a lot of elder people, the market would naturally become the old folks kick it spot every Saturday and Wednesday.

 Once entering town center, you are all of a sudden suffocated in a flood of 70's and over.  It's cute in a way.  You would see groups of elder women walking around town comparing vegetables they bought and gushing about their grandchildren, old military vets zooming around in their wheel chairs decorated with British flags honorable medals, old couples dressed in their Sunday best looking at vacuums or just strolling along, enjoying the beautiful or gloomy weather.

It always makes me think if that's going to be me in the future.  They all look happy and content, so I hope so.....

Here's a little fashion bit.  Check out this lady's jacket.  I loved the colors and design.  She was so hip in my eyes.

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