Thursday, 27 May 2010


So having majored in Advertising....I have a great appreciation for ads and commercials. When I was in College, I remember thinking that all the ads and commercials from England were so witty and cool. They were so creative and different, they actually made me feel like a failure because, I felt they were so clever that I thought I could never come up with anything as brilliant. As a student, I was determined to become as good and creative as them because I wanted to move and work there. Their stuff was more of my cup of tea. (Drums and symbol) It was the humor that got me. that I live here, I think that England was wrongly represented at my school. Not to knock the English or anything....but I haven't seen any ad that made me wet my pants from excitement or get inspired to think of something as creative or witty. Where are they hiding?

Here's one example of an ad that they have showing on the telly. It's for car insurance. Yeah...I know right?  But I  must confess.....I do find myself singing this little jingle at odd times of the day.....

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floras-garden said...

This advert drives me insane and I now have the jingle in my head just from thinking about it...haha...amazingly successful marketing then?!