Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Due to the fact that I do not work, I risk the chance of becoming a BMW.   NO!  I will not become a car. In the military, about half the population of military wives become a "Big Military Wife."  I REFUSE to become one, therefore, I have started to get my fitness on.

What is included in my workout regime?  First of all, I'm going to cut down on all fatty foods.  Which unfortunately means, I can no longer indulge in most of the UK's delicacies.  Delicacies like fish n' chips, the oh so wonderful heart attack inducer, the English breakfast, all the grilled sausages, the burgers drenched in oil, and OMG I'm drooling, I need to stop.

Second  part of the regime,  to work out more.

Because the military is so awesome, I have started to workout on base at their fully equipped gym, complete with classes and everything, FOR FREE!!!!!  And get this, they have ZUMBA!!!  Woooosa!

I also, started to take classes off base, amongst the Brits.  I took my first Jazzercise class today.

 Oh my Bageeshus!  This class was hilarious!  Not only did I get my total workout, but I was fully entertained.  The instructor was a middle aged British woman who jumped around on stage like a happy leprecaun wearing a leotard.  She was so funny bouncing up and down so rapidly whilst attempting dance moves that looked similar to what  my aunties look like when they dance, and not to mention slightly off beat.  She would also try to sing along with the songs, but only was able to produce a voice of that of an Irish Folk singer.

Despite the fact that I was giggling most of the time while working out, there were some cool perks that I appreciated during this class.  First of all, there were absolutely no mirrors.  Unlike the states, we were in a huge room with no sort of device that would project any flawed workout moves to your peers.  There's nothing like seeing yourself looking like fool, only to discourage you from trying to look cool.  Also, when you start cooling down at the end of the workout, a young lady goes around the room and hands out frozen hand towels.  For a moment, I forgot I was working out and just laid out on my mat with the towel melting on my hot face.  The Brits are so kind.

I wish I was able to show some pictures of this class, but I had no idea how entertaining and awesome this class would be....just take my word for it.

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