Tuesday, 25 May 2010


If you follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/Aimes88, you would probably be seeing that I mention this place called Ipswich a lot.  I've noticed that since I've been back, that I have deposited tons of my money and time in this little town.

I like Ipswich, and what it holds. Btw, here's some information about this cool little town. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ipswich

So what I love so much about this place is not only does it hold a BEAUTIFUL Primark store,

 but it houses various other stores that make me want to hug myself with glee wearing a huge smile on my face.  They have stores such as River Island ( my other favorite store),

 the Pound store ( the equivalent to the dollar store), tons of cool kitchen knick knack stores, toys stores, shoes stores, and get this a TK MAXX (which is exactly like TJ Maxx, but it's got a different name ).

  Visiting these stores give me such joy in life, as it does to many other wives, I'm sure,  as well....

OK, now with shop-a-holic mode turned off, let me describe this town Ipswich.  It's a cute little English town splashed with a little bit of the world.  So, you got the cobble stone streets, the little zooming cars, the English old women walking around in their stockings and wheel carts, English pubs advertising nothing but Lagers and fish N' chips, old buildings, brick houses attached to eachother like siamese twins lining the streets, and the infamous English markets held a the heart of town center, that all make Ipswich a normal English town.

Now then you add the Muslim women covered head to toe, only displaying their exotic eyes, South African accents come out of women with wild hair and brightly colored dresses, Brazilian accents thrown around here and there, macho Turkish men smoking fags and eyeing you like a piece of meat, colorful Saris worn by beautiful Indian women, and Polish buff men walking in a line as if you were in a scene of West Side story, you've got the world inside this little town.  What's even cooler, is that when you talk to these people, although they are foreign, they speak with a slight English accent along with their native one.  It's a pretty surreal experience when talking to them.

Along with the variety of people are the variety of restaurants.  If you're not turned on by bland English food, this place is where to go.  They have everything from fried mini donuts to Asian food, to Jamaican, to Turkish Kababs, with a few English pubs and bakeries of course.  England wouldn't sell out like that.

I enjoy places like these.  I can easily write a novel about this town.  There's so much to talk about and describe about this beautiful place....but boring people is not my shpeal.

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