Friday, 17 September 2010

Secondhand comparison

Despite me gaining a liking for sausages and a love for Jeremy Kyle, England has also opened my heart to another love:: Charity shopping...AKA thrift shopping.  Maybe this factor can also be blamed on frugality and old age, but I'd like to say England has created this influence in me.  There's no such thing as old age in my blood.

I must confess, I have always been a fan of second-hand stores ever since I descended from that dark and dreary tunnel 30 years ago.  I've always enjoyed anything Vintage and old looking, which probably explains why used to dress like an old lady back in the day.  Also, living in a world where fashion tends to be reincarnated constantly by high end designers, it helps big time when I can find the OG style at a much happier price.  But anyway that's steering way off the subject at hand.

So anyways, despite the fact that I was a frequent thrift shopper before my move to the other side of the world,  England had a huge influence on increasing that frequency.  Also, the things you can find out over in England are so much more historic and "OMG!  Look at this!" -ish.  In all my 30 years, I never imagined myself driving around in search of a boot sale, AKA flea market.  This obsession is ridiculous.  I have even recruited the love of my life to this fun little hobby.  There are so many treasures to be discovered at these places.  I could never imagine calling these rare pieces trash.

I mean, who in their right mind would want to throw away a marble butane lighter that 60+ years old, or a weight scale so old was probably made when my great grandparents were little sperms swimming to find their egg.  Like I said, such rare treasures.  Another source of treasure hunting that I use are Charity shops.  To you and me we call it Thrift Shops.    What I like about these shops are not only are you able to buy all kinds of cool old shit, but the money you spend will go towards to whatever charity the store supports.  Hence the name CHARITY shops.  Believe it or not, it took me a while to realize why they were called that too.  Too much air in this little noggin of mine.

So let's compare England's rubbish to the rubbish in the land of the Americans.'s kinda cool over here.  But I would have to label the items found over here more "retro."  You just can't find items that are 100+ old over here.  Also, the shopping scene up in these stores are not as quaint as the scene found in England.  Rather than having the cute English ladies looking at items they could use in their cute little English home, you have families with wailing kids, perverted men staring at you like you were a piece of trophy gold, and ghetto people complaining about why they can't return an iron that don't work.  GIRL, you bought it at a THRIFT store.  SMH.

But besides the scene being more chaotic over here, the items are not so "oooooh" "aaaaaah"- ish.  It doesn't make my heart stop and want to pick it up while a light shines upon it then music in the background plays in my head.  Maybe the answer to that may be the fact that America is not as old as Jolly ol' England and the history reaches only up to the native Americans.....and I know that the thrift stores won't be selling any spears and arrow heads.  Sigh....I don't know, it's times like this where I tend to appreciate a place I never really thought I would have appreciated so much.  I miss England and it's treasures.......

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