Thursday, 2 September 2010

guilty pleasure part 2

Right, ok.  So being that I'm partaking in my Mon through Fri addiction, I've decided to expand more on my guilty pleasure.  It's a beautiful Thursday Morning, I'm drinking my coffee, and positioned oh so comfortably on my wonderful couch.  Right in front of me is a display of Eurotrash being scolded by an endearing host that loves to belittle and push people's buttons.

Yes, I am currently being entranced by my guilty pleasure with a huge grin on my face.  From my previous post, I have already explained why I love to indulge in such bad taste.  Now, let me visually show you what that bad taste looks like::
Ok, now tell me you weren't entertained or amused by just scrolling through these pics.  Also, to add more joy to the pics, go back and read how outrageous the headlines are.  I get a giggle just by them.

Now, to show you how much class these wonderful human beings are, let me share another pic.

This awesome moment captured here is a man walking on stage and immediately head-butting another man.  How, flippin hilar is that?  sigh.  I tell you, these Brits.

Also, to show you how horrible "Jezzer" treats these people, let me post a couple of picture interpretations of what the British public thinks of this wonderful host.

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