Friday, 10 September 2010

Back and Forth

It's been days since my last post.  And since my last post, I have played tour guide to my parents, left my home and my little KT, spent 10+ hours on an airplane,  was left heartbroken, cried my eyes dry,  and reunited with good company.  

Ok, so let me translate that.

  So since my last post, my parents visited the hubby and I at our homested.  We brought them around our part of the world and introduced them to our hood.  After five days of sightseeing, I, along with the parentals, packed up and headed to my other home.  The Bay Area.  I had no idea that this trip to the Bay would be so heart wrenching.  It's really hard to leave a place you built up as your home to then go to another home that's not really yours.  It's weird.  Along with leaving my home, I left my darling little KT, who has surprisingly has touched a big part of my heart.  Me and that bitch seriously bonded.

Ok, so after my tearful good-bye with my living piece of fur, I then had a tearful moment with the hubby.  This was the hardest farewell, I have had to accomplish.  To be with someone every single day, to create a bond and friendship that only puts smiles on your face,  and then suddenly stop cold turkey is not a kosher feeling at all.  I think I actually did Justin Timberlake's song justice and cried a river.  My heart was broken at the fact that I couldn't see my BFF for the next 4 months. It's the hardest thing I had to encounter during this past year of marriage.  Damn deployment!

There is a positive part to this Sad Sally story.  The positive part are the group of positive people that I am blessed to have.  First of all the parents.  Although I know they are so over seeing my eyes produce non-stop tears, they are still trying their best to make me happy despite my miss attitude moments.  Bless  them.
And then I have my gal pals.  They always know how to make my belly jiggle with laughter.  They never fail to lend a tentative ear and words of great encouragement.  Not only are these ladies great friends, and are also a crazy bunch of women who never fail to keep my going.  I love them.

Being forced to live a life bouncing back and forth across the globe, has made me realize how precious life is.  How you have to enjoy everything that is given to you and not take it for granted.  Although this type of life can be very detremental to my emotions, it also has made me a more grounded person who has learned to appreciate all things little in life.  You never know how long you're going to have it.

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