Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My English Guilty Pleasure

I have many guilty pleasures in my life. I can't help it, I love all things awful and with bad taste. I tend to find some beauty in it that makes me happy and squealing with glee. What can I say, I'm a different type of breed.
So whilst my residency over here in Jolly ol' England, I have found a guilty pleasure that has me glued to the telly Monday through Friday 3 times a day. This guilty pleasure is called the "Jeremy Kyle" show. And what is this show about exactly, you ask? Well, imagine the writers of Jerry Springer and Maury Povich sexing, and having an affair with Steve Wilkos, which then creates a love child. That love child is the Jeremy Kyle show. Such a brilliant and beautiful baby.
What's so horrible and great about this show is that the guests on here are so trashy and with bad taste. LAV IT! I cannot fathom to tell you how many people on this show don't know who the father of their child are, or lie that they are cheating on their lover, or even have 2+ children with the same guy (so any women have multiple children with multiple fathers). They also have neighbors squabbling like children, and couples fighting over FB have read that correctly, they really do fight over things like that. And to top everything off, the host Jeremy Kyle yells and degrades these people so bad, that if this were done in the states, he would have been jumped then stabbed on stage right then and there. He's awesome! What makes this even better than that is the fact they all these troubled humans have English accents, which always tends to make things more enjoyable for me.
Now let's diss on how these guests look. Such trash with horrible fashion sense, it makes me wonder if they own mirrors in their caravan (trailer home), or their one room flat. Also, rather than looking at these people in the face, my eyes tend to gravitate to the mess between their lips. Yes, their teeth are horrendous. Pretty much validates that the English have such bad teeth. Sigh...I'm smiling just thinking about the show. It's great.
To give you a taste of my favorite addiction, here's a clip of one of the shows. Enjoy!
PS although the guests have horrible fashion sense, the audience is actually pretty well threaded. I tend to get ideas from them.

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