Tuesday, 31 August 2010

the consequences

As other women do, I have my little "emo" moods.  Although it is a once a month phase that tends to come and go after 5 to 7 days.....I have a feeling this one may last a little longer than that.  So being a military wife, one of the huge sacrifices that I subliminally vowed to do on our wedding day was lend the love of my life to the government, and have them deploy him for a few months, leaving me heartbroken and missing him dearly.

When the hubby and first got engaged and married, various married couples always gave us the warning that the first year was always the hardest.  The hardest being that, that is the transitional year of when you fight over toilet lids, changing old habits to please another, where things are put,  and just adjusting to another lifestyle.  Well, I would like to tell those people, that all of those situations were cupcakes compared to this huge cake that I have to consume.

Although, the man has left me many times before, and many of the times that he left were more than half a year and also during the holidays, and huge milestones in our lives, I think that these meesely 4 months of being husbandless are going to be the hardest that I have had to endure.  I think what's making it harder for me is the fact that after feeding off his face, sunshine personality,  and hearing his manly voice with a child like mindset everyday, to suddenly stop cold turkey will make me feel like an alcoholic ridding the drink so abruptly.  Very cruel.

Sigh.  I just wish it were time for him to come back.  I miss my other half already.....

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