Sunday, 19 September 2010

I love Saturdays

This group of talented gals right here are my most favorite girl group right now. Not only are they named after my favorite day of the week, but they are so talented, cute, and just plain awesome. They are called the Saturdays.
They're music is so fresh, happy, and so infectious to my dancing blood. I heart them with all my heart.
I decided to blog about them this beautiful Sunday, because it was because of The Saturdays, that I started the day off with a smile and a great mood. This is their latest song that I heard first thing this morning. FAB!

Also, my most favorite in the group is Frankie Sandford. I love her style, her personality, and her hair. I'm sooooo close to becoming her hair clone.  Also, she has a BANGIN body that I hope to one day acquire.  FIERCE!

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