Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Carpool is not all party.


 For those of you who are not residents of Cali, let me fill you in on what this crazy little concept is.  Carpool is where you hop into a car with a total stranger and commute with them to the city.  This is helpful to all who enter the car because carpool has their own lane on the freeway....and therefore eliminating the stress of traffic and getting to work faster.

So anyways....I'm talking about this subject here because today, because whilst my stay here for the next few months, I was able to work at my old job in the city.  This, therefore, forces me to partake in this commuting activity.  I'd rather do this crazy thang rather than pay an arm and a leg on gas, go through the stress of traffic, and pay for parking.  I'd rather leave that to someone else.

So let's talk about the experience.  When I got into the car this morning...and although I am a veteran of this, I still find it so odd.  I mean, first of all....as soon as I entered the car, I seriously did not experience a scene like so

We really are not all business type people who are constantly working on work stuff with a smile on our face like these weirdos up above.  Instead, I sense an environment of awkwardness.  It just feels so weird to be on a journey, although a short one, with 2 complete strangers, and not talk at all.  Also....these people that I rode with didn't seem too chipper.  They had a "don't f@#$ with me" type of attitude.  Not a  very happy place.  Now, I know that it is early in the buttcrack of dawn, but come on, at least a little smile please?  Whateva Bitch.
But then again, you also have the people that tend to talk too much....but that usually happens to me on days where I'm too tired to talk and I'm in a "I wanna punch you in the face" type of mood.  Life tends to play with me like that.

Another thing that makes me feel weird, is waiting in line for a car.  Unlike in the morning, where cars were lined up for riders, going home was reverse.  So here I was on the Streets of San Francisco, waiting for a car to pick me up.  Now, from reading that last sentence....didn't I just make my self sound like a total prostitute?  Riiiiiight?  And the thing is....you're waiting for a ride, but yet, you can get some psycho idiot who may like to kidnap people and tie them up, and bury them in some foreign land.  But that's my positive thoughts.

Now, let's talk about the drivers' driving techniques.  From my past experience, I have learned that some don't have any technique at all.  I have been in cars where it seemed the driver thought the brake pedal was the accelerator.  I mean, there were dozens of times where I know the alignment of my spine would have been messed up from that ride.  Constant breaking is not a fun thing to endure for 30+minutes.

There were other times where I seriously thought I was going to die from fear.  Some people swerved in and out of traffic at such fast speeds, I felt like there was going to be a person at our destination with a checkered flag.  So unnecessary.  

So anyway...those are my takes on this Mon through Friday mandatory activity.  As awkward and retarded it may be....I must admit, I do look forward to seeing what type of personalities I will encounter each day.  It's like buying a box of cracker jacks to see what type of toy you will get, only to get disappointed to find a sticker of a flag inside.  All that expecting excitement only to be demolished my something totally mundane and not as happy as you thought.  It's not all pool party in this carpool party.

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