Wednesday, 27 October 2010

15 seconds of #1

Ooooooh Myyyyyy Beeeegeeeeezzzzzzzuuuussssss!!!!
This commercial right here seriously makes me want to take my bra off and throw it at the screen! So starring in this 15 second stint for Kodak is my Numero uno, Pitbull. I have seen these commercials on TV before, but never had the chance to blog about them.
This commercial, however, I have never seen, and I was going to actually post another Kodak commercial starring not only one, but TWO men in my top 10. This commercial consisted of not only Pitbull but also my off and on number 8, Drake. When I first saw the commercial with these 2 hunks of love in it, I nearly passed out from so much joy and pitter patter of the heart. It was reDONKulous.
So why didn't you post that commercial Mrs. Malan? Well....I was going to post that particular one, but when I went on youtube, and then discovered that Pitbull had another commercial with Kodak, and saw how yummy and sexy pants (and I said pants, because really, his "pants" did it for me) this man looked, it totally cancelled out the Drake/Pitbull commercial, and kept Mr. 305 the reigning #1.
Anyways....My heart is starting to beat fast again, so let me leave you with this delicious clip. Enjoy.....

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