Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Urban Ore

Today, I have officially died and gone to second-hand heaven.  So, now that I'm doing this whole Vintage biz thing on Etsy, I have become a second hand fanatic.  Anything and everything that looks, feels, and smells old, I go into collector's frenzy.  I want to take it, buy it, and give it a home.  But that's just me.

So anyways, one of my good friends, after finding of my new business, introduced me to this place located about 20 minutes away from my hood.  It's called Urban Ore.  Oh. Em. Ghee.  Anything you can think of, even subconsciously, this place got it.  I mean, this place got  everything, INCLUDING the kitchen sink!

SO let me go further into describing what this piece of heaven looks like.  First of all, it's a warehouse.  The first thing you see from the parking lot are columns of sinks, chairs, doors, toilets, etc.  As soon as you enter the huge warehouse, you see more columns of doors....then a few happy steps later, you see more columns of sectioned out junk.

I'm telling you, you can find things from old toys from the 50's, suitcases, wall outlets, clothes, glass dishes, phones from the 1800's, cameras, and all ranging through the years of the 1800's to present time.

It's a great place to buy furniture if you're on a budget,  props for a play, collectables that can be used for joy or decor, the possibilities are endless.  I'm sorry if I'm sounding too chipper about this place.  It's just so wonderful to my soul.  But anyway, if you are interested in more information about this place, here's their website::  I have to warn you, this website is just like their store.  It just goes on and on, plenty to read and discover.

Also....I was able to purchase some items for my etsy site.  Check it out ::

Pretty darn cool huh?  I thought so.
I did purchase a few more treasures.....and I'd like to plug in my site so that you can see some of the items. Booyah!

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