Monday, 4 October 2010


I believe the BEST duet EVER, made had just been created.
Lady Gaga and Ms. Yoko Ono both performed at the Orpheum in LA last night. Not only is the song itself a masterpiece (which btw, was a John Lennon song), but the vision of the 2 singers performing were as well. The way they performed the song, with such art, such emotion, such individuality made me want to curl in a ball and hug myself.
Unfortunately, this video mainly displays the glorious Gaga, which was great because she looked beautiful....but I kind of wished that the person taking the video took some footage of the tiny Yoko. I think Ms. Ono is pretty fierce in the video as well. I would love to perform like her when I get to her age. LAV!
What also gets me all excited about this video, is the sound of the song. So different and artsy fartsy. AND the people at the Orpheum were diggin this unique ear pleasure.

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