Monday, 6 February 2012

Heaven Sent

After seeing Madam Madonna's Superbowl halftime performance and getting totally blown away....I had to look back in the Madonna archives and watch her past amazingness.
Being totally mesmorized by her ability to inspire and express herself in her own Madonna kind of away, I only HAD to post one of her classic videos that made way for various present artists nowadays.
This being my most favorite music video of hers, and was the video that caused me to wear crosses as accessories as a did. I thought this was the best way to represent just how true and raw this bitch is. Madonna, greatly known for expressing herself in super sexual and controversial ways, created a story and told it as truthful as she could. She told it in a truth that scared the population back in the day. ANd I'm really glad that she scared the public, because if she didn't, we'd still be in denial about what really is happening around us in society.
Being a faithful little catholic chick, this video related to me like hell. First of all....It had the big boss....Jesus, but what I liked about it was that he was of color. Second of all, she wasn't all sexualized in this video....she was super natural, it related to real life, and she expressed her story in such a way, it imprinted itself into your mind without direct words....just through strong images....
Anyways....I may not be making any sense or what not, but just watch the video, let the chick entrance you, and dance bitches!

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