Sunday, 5 February 2012

Let it snow....PLEASE!

Awwwww Ships!!!!

IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!  And you want to know something else more exciting about the snow??? I don't have to go to work!!!!

Yup, it's my first Snow day EVER!  Which means that although I am on the schedule to work today, this beautiful snow cockblocked my work day...but in a good day.  This excites me so.  Reals.

Being a girl of Cali, and the Sun is my friend 80% of the year, snow is something quite new to me.  Although it may seem like something as little as overcast clouds to the Brits, the snow makes this happy little wifey giggle with glee.  AND it makes me go into overdrive giggle mode that work has been cancelled due to this fluffy white cold happiness!  I tell's the little things.

But anyways.....I've been working tons this past week.  Be it work on base...or work with my Aimes Design site. (quick plug)  I was about to tear my body apart because I was shattered with tiredness.

Sooooo....after work yesterday, I sit on the couch.....rested for 5 minutes, and took a look outside....and to my best surprise....I see small little white specks falling from the sky.  Booooy....I tell you.  I almost did a touchdown dance at the sight of those little pieces of frost.  So, after working a little more on a few orders...I rushed upstairs, tucked myself into bed and forced myself to sleep like a kid on Christmas Eve.

And guess what I saw when I woke up?

Yeeeeyah buddy!!!  So.....hearing about these situations about work being cancelled due to snow days....and knowing that I had work today....I had no bloody clue what to do.  Should I risk driving to base to work? What if I get into an accident?  What if the base was closed?  What if I had work, and didn't go....I might get fired?  Who do I call to find out?  And I must admit...I tried the FB thing with posting questions on my status hoping to get it answered.  And I appreciate those who have tried to help.  *Gratitude*

So after pacing around my house and letting the dog play a bit to kill time....

...I call my work.  I was praying someone would be there...and to my delight there was.  One of the managers was there and wasn't sure if we were to come into work or not.  When I hard him answer the phone heart dropped.  I was like, "damn, if he's there....I might have to trudge the cold sludge and work."  He said he was going to call me back in about 10 mins to give me the word.  Staring at my phone until it rang,  2 minutes later......BAM!  PARTY TIME!!!!  No work for me! * Touchdown dance!*

I was elated.  I finally get a chance to gather up my energy and get things done SON!  I must say....snow is a beautiful thing.  


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