Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Warrior woman

Pretty monthly, I tend to have obsessions.  Maybe it may have something to do with my womanly estrogen characteristics, but for some reason I tend to get a major obsession that seems to take over my mind and will not go away, until I satisfy it in any way I can.  Be it food, clothing, music, TV shows, housewares, hobbies, I always find myself running through a dark tunnel with no end until I have either eaten, bought, watched, or heard that current craving multiple times. And it will continue to satisfy that craving until it becomes my, "so last month" item.

With that being explained, my obsession for the month is Aztec print.
I. LOVE. THIS. F'N. PRINT. No lie.

Whenever I enter any type of place where you can exchange money for goods, I am on a scavenger hunt for that beautiful ancient pattern.  I will be on the hunt for a good hour or more, until I feed my need for that pattern, or until I see an angry face on my impatient husband....

This past month, I have accumulated beautiful accessories and pieces of clothing that can make me pass for an Aztec warrior goddess.  True story.  It's pretty insane on how much this pattern tickles my fashion button.  But I cannot get enough.

What I love most about this style trend right now is that, not only does it seem so raw and entertaining my eyes, I love the complexity of the shapes, and awesomeness of the color combos.  It's like a kaleidoscope of aztec eye candy that keeps me entertained for days.  And it adds so much zing to an outfit when you feel like dressing "blah," but still want to add a hint of "fashion trendy."

I must say, I must extend my gratitude to all the clever fashion designers, because if it weren't for them I would have had to rock Aztec patterns in outfits like these

if in order to represent the beautiful patterns in public.  But because clothing designers are cool like that, they have created a way for us to rock this beautiful pattern with sick pieces of clothing like these.

And thank God for that, because me and a headdress don't mingle like that.
Anyway, just thought I'd share with you all my thoughts about this FAB fashion trend right now.  It's awesome.

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