Friday, 5 December 2014

TV? What TV?

So, I've been at this whole mommy-hood deal for a little over a year now.  It's been awesome.  I've learned so much about myself, about motherhood, and about how patient I can be.  I found that it doesn't matter that your house isn't always clean, that you can't always nap when you want to, dressing cute is not a necessity at all times (Although I try my best), and that your TV is no longer yours.

Yep,  I gained a son, lost an electronic.  TV was my outlet to see what craziness was going on in the world, be it with the news, reality TV, or cooking shows.  I used it to see what the current fashion trend was, how people wore their hair, the current slang, music, etc.  Now, learning about Elmo's favorite way to color, or how fast a snail can go, or how Team Umi Zoomi  helped their friend Charlie put a sub sandwich together seems to be my daily dose of what's in the know for today's society.

I remember pre-child days, after a long day of work, I used to watch trashy talk shows, reality TV shows, or a good foreign movie to help unwind and relax.  It was my way to let my brain relax from the stressful day I had.  I would totally veg out on the couch...and it was great!   Now, after a long day of working on creating paper goods, or cleaning the house, I have to sit and unwind to the sounds of various renditions of the ABC's,  Elmo counting, or even Gangna, Style (Youtube shiz).  And sometimes during the day, I find myself singing kid TV show opening songs, like so..... 

Got this song stuck in your head didn't I? 

And then when you try and change the channel because your little person seems to be occupied, all of a sudden you are the worst person in the world, because now your child is flailing his arms around crying on the floor bloody murder because you changed the channel!  Bad parent.  

I so missed the days where I was able to watch my favorite reality TV show, then discuss about how much you hate one of the characters on the show with your mate.  Or having your friends recite a line from a movie, and you would know what movie it came from, because movies were your thang.  I was that person.  Movies were my thang!  Talking ish about a TV character was my thang.  I totally lost my mojo.   Now, when my friends recite movie lines and look at me to say the title, I just shrug my shoulders and say, "Turbo!"  I feel like such a has-been.

Before I became a mom, I swore up and down that I would never lose touch with society.  I will always know all cool dance moves, songs, movies, etc.  But these little people tend to take over your life and take that away from you.  But I can see it as a good thing.  That means you're being selfless....putting this god given gift before you.  Their needs are more important than yours.....At least that's what I tell myself to compensate for my lack of TV time.....

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