Thursday, 2 December 2010

Thank you England....

Because of you, the world has Cheryl Cole.
Being one of the most talked about, photographed, envied, and loved woman in England during this current event in time, it wasn't hard for me to find out who Cheryl Cole was. In the past year, she has been through a lot. She separated from her cheating husband Ashley Cole (UK's Tiger Woods), broke away from her girl band : Girls Aloud and did the solo thing and became even more popular than the group, was one of the judges on UK's X Factor, and became a spokesperson for what seemed like everything being advertised on the telly, and had tattoos that were replicated so much that they made temporary tattoos of her inked art. PLUS, she's GORGEOUS!
I heart her so.
Anywho, I wanted to blog about her, because I finally got to see the video of her next single off her new album "Messy Little Raindrops." Not only is she beautiful in this video, but so is the song. Another reason for me be more obsessed with this famous Brit.

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