Thursday, 8 July 2010

Conveniently irritating

When I first laid eyes on this fab self-checkout invention, I was amazed and unmarried.  Now that I'm married, the views of this "convenient" contraption has changed drastically.  Depending on if I'm alone or with my other half, I'll either dread it, or love it.

 So why do I love this machine?  Well, anything that involves conveniency in my life is accepted with great gratitude.  I'm a very hyper person that's always on "go" mode.  Constantly in motion with somewhere to go.  I mean, out of 2 other siblings, I was the fastest to pop out of my mother.  It's a God given talent.

So how can I dread such a machine? Well....ever since getting married, I have discovered that somethings are better when you're single.  One being...the self-checkout.  I would have to say,  that 90% of the time that I have used this machine with the hubby, a lot of evil eyes, words under our breaths, and grrrrr-ing with accompanied head-shakings have been exchanged between us.

I tell you, there is nothing more irritating than trying to do a one-man job your way, when another person, who is trying to help but does things the wrong way to mess up your rotation.  Now, I'm not saying that I'm always the one getting irritated with the person trying to help, I must admit, the roles can be vise versa at times.  That's only because he does things the wrong way, and I need to help him fix it.

Now, being an anal person, I thought that I was the only person who felt the irritance grow inside me at the first sound of that item scanned.  But after various visits to the commissary on-base, I've noticed other loving couple exchanging evil eyes, under breath words and head shakings.  I've even caught a couple of glares that looked like were tying to shoot laser out of their eyes whilst their lover was turned around.  These usually make me laugh but then it soon goes away when I start to check-out.

Oh, self-checkout counters...what are you doing to couples in love?

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