Friday, 9 July 2010

Marriage WWF

Arguments are the one thing I never look forward to in relationships.  Although they are not at all pleasant, they are not easily avoided and absolutely mandatory in a relationship.

Not pleasant, obviously, because who loves to squabble?  Well, unless your some sort of messed up fuck that gets a kick out of things that causes hurt to another, probably so.  Mandatory, because that one little horrid moment if evil words exchanged can ironically make it stronger.   After that moment of suppressed anger being released the wrong way, you then have that "reflection" time to think about what said, feel sorry and bad and make up by releasing more emotion by wrestling in the bed.

 Yes, I am blogging about this subject because Ricklyn has gotten into a bit of a row.  Hurtful words were exchanged and evil thoughts were thought.  I was even tempted to throw his toothbrush in the toilet, but I resisted.  Anger can cause you to do stupid things, and I'm against being stupid.  So right now I'm in my "reflection" mode, but because I have such great will power...we will not be wrestling in bed.  He cannot get off that easy.....

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