Wednesday, 14 July 2010

APART from Hotels....

There are Aparthotels!  Oh, such a cheesy play off words.

So over the weekend, because the hubby and I have the luxury of still living some elements of the "single" life.  We did just that.  We did a last minute overnight trip to London and partied amongst the singletons, minus the one night stands, number and STD exchanges, and dressing up in such a way people would only see you as desperate and seeking for attention from any intoxicated douche.  I would have to say, partying with your legal partner is actually a lot more enjoyable.  More enjoyable, because not only do you never go home alone, but you avoid all the idiots that like to converse nothing but pick up lines with you, and meeting men whose idea of dancing is grabbing your assets and moving their hips side to side to what appears to be a song only they can hear, because it apparently doesn't look like they are listening to the same song everyone else in the club is.

Ok, back to the subject at hand.  The hubby and I spent the weekend in good ol' London town.  Because all we really needed were a bed and a shower, we didn't try to look for any type of swanky accommodation.  Instead, we opted for something cheap and acceptable whose characteristics didn't include cute little ants, an exterior decorated with druggies, and the soothing sounds of jack hammers.

So after extensive research and multiple review readings, I found this place that looked pretty decent on  It was called London Serviced Aparthotel.
Only minor downfall about this place would have to be the distance between the toilet and the radiator.  I felt like a giant attempting to use a human sized bathroom.  Also, thank god it was a hot day, otherwise I'd have left the bathroom with burn marks on my knees.

Here's some info about aparthotels in general

Now, I've heard good things about these type of establishments before, but I've never dreamt that they would actually live up to its standards.  This place that we stayed at was FAB-U-LOUS!  Don't take me wrong.  It's no 7 star hotel, but for something so affordable, it's so worth blogging about.  Not only was the location of this place such a convenient walk to the heart of London, but it was clean, comfy, welcoming, and did nothing but make me smile.

Let me elaborate on this type of place a bit more.  So what it pretty much is, is an apartment that is rented out to guests just like a hotel.  So you don't have to worry about fixing your bed, and you still get room service.  Also, if you are not into the whole tourist atmosphere, this place would be better suited for you. Because, when you first enter this building, rather than being greeted by a bustling lobby full of bell boys and people sporting clothing with the country's name on it, instead, you are greeted by a stairwell that you would normally see in an apartment building, therefore, eliminating that tourist overload sensation.

Another great thing, aparthotels, well this one at least, have full equipped kitchens.  The kitchen at this aparthotel was not in our room,  it was actually located outside our room which the rest of the guests got to share.  I actually liked it this way as well.  Whilst our stay there, we befriend a man from Wales staying there for business who gave a few traveling hints.  Another cool thing about this place is that the kitchen was fully stocked and fully accessible to all the guests 24 hours.  When people take care of me via food, I'm all for it.

So yes, if you're ever in town or ever on the look out for affordable shelter during a trip, I HIGHLY recommend Aparthotels.

Here's a few websites where you can find some.

A little generous gesture from me.  Enjoy.

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