Friday, 2 July 2010

Get it Grandpa!

Oh, how I love The Sun. Not only do they update you on important news about the world and celebrities, but they also update you on things that tend to cause automatic jaw-dropping and eye bulging that have no effect on your daily life whatsoever.  Despite the fact some of the stories will not increase my intelligence,  I love hearing juicy news (as does everyone else), and when I hear news like this, I just light up and can't wait to tell the next person I make eye-contact with.  Thank God for my blog, otherwise I'd be acting like that one mad woman from a town that seems to make people disappear around corners once she sets eyes on them.

So's the shocking new bits of the day.

CHIRPY Raymond Calvert is Britain's oldest new dad at 79 - after fathering a son with a woman 54 YEARS his junior.

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I must admit.  Whilst reading this article, I couldn't help getting that heeby geebies feeling.  But after reading more my soft heart overtook the goosebumps and shivering and made me realize that love really has no age limit.  As long as you have a working heart, love will be in your life no matter what obstacle you have to overtake.  I'm happy for this new family.

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