Tuesday, 29 June 2010

God....Here's another one for you.

Oh...my....gawd.  I finally did it.  I created roadkill.

It's been about 5 plus months that I have been residing here in Jolly Ol' England.   And that means 5 plus months of seeing 100 plus roadkill that decorates the countryside, which I have roamed everyday since I've been here.  And today....just down the street from the my house....I killed a bird.
      I knew that it was only a matter a time that I was going to end a furry or feathery little creature, and was dreading that day.  That day has arrived, and you know what I did?  After hearing what sounded like a baseball hitting my bumper and seeing an object with wings from the corner of my eye,  I screamed at the top of my lungs, scaring the neighborhood, then five seconds later busted out laughing.  Sorry, the bird caught me in a good mood, and I think I was in shock.

I feel horrible indeed, but that shizz was a hilarious moment.....I just hope I don't get visited by the spirit of the poor thing accompanied by ghost bird shit.

And just because....here's a couple of pictures I took at random times of other roadkill, because I'm weird like that.

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