Monday, 28 June 2010

Junya Watanabe

A few years ago, I had the urge to travel to this fashionable place called Paris, alone.  Although, I was scared shitless the whole time I was there, fearing that a Frenchman would attack me with a burning cigarette or a bum would mug me in the metro, it wasn't until I was in the fashion district where I felt comfortable and at home for some odd reason.

So here I was strolling amongst the great works of wonderful clothing makers.  When all of a sudden, I was at a standstill.  I was in complete awe in the middle of this one department store where my money meant nothing.  I was in Junya Watanabe's section.  Oh Em Gee.  His clothes (although at the time I swore he was a woman) were wonderous.  I have never seen clothing made the way he made them. The lines and quality were jaw dropping. At the time, he had the whole African vibe going on.  Bright colors, wooden beads surrounding the neck of most tops, beautiful patterns....awesome.

I must admit, I haven't really followed him years to follow after that trip.  But every time, I see his clothes, I'm all of a sudden back in Paris.  At a standstill in complete awe.  Check out his masterpieces::

And just recently, he has just revealed his 2010 men's RTW Spring/Summer  collection.  I love what he's doing for the men....hopefully they'll follow.

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