Monday, 26 July 2010

In a Nutshell

So, it's been a while since I've last created an entry in this cool little blog here.  Reason being....I was too busy getting wasted. Really, I was and really, I wish I was kidding.  But I don't see it as me being a huge lush, I just see it as getting more research for more entries for my blog.  :)

Anywho. Let me blog about this one little hidden gem that's located in my hood over here in England.  This little gem is called, THE NUTSHELL, and apparently it's known to be the UK's smallest pub.  Here's more info.  Also, here's a little description I found about it ::

Unique pub measuring 15ft by 7ft, and said to be Britain's smallest. Somehow more than 100 people and a dog managed to fit inside in the 1980s. The bar's ceiling is covered with paper money, and there have been regular sightings of ghosts around the building, including a nun and a monk who apparently weren't praying! No food is available, though the pub jokes about its dining area for parties of two or fewer.

When I was there,  I was not aware that there have been sightings of spirits and such!  I so would have whipped out my ghost reader! Oh time.
Back to the story at hand ::


This here is the ceiling of the pub decorated with a ton of money from around the world. I swear,  If I were a giant for a day, I'd tear off that ceiling, put it in my pocket and go to the nearest bank and cash all those puppies!  Momma needs a new handbag...and a matching wallet.

Now, I guess they didn't care too much about the the coins from around the world.  Unlike the paper money being stuck up high, these pieces of metal were stuck on the door frames.  I'm sure a few alkies used these door frames to their advantage when they came up short on the beer tab, because I noticed a a few spots that had glue residue.

There is one coin that made me feel like a kid.....can you see it?

So let's talk more about the decor shall we?  I would have to say, being the eccentric and morbid person I am....I actually LOVED it!  This place was speckled with all sorts of dead animals and quirky humor.

Unbelievably, I didn't notice this when I first walked in, but there was a dead cat hanging from the ceiling right above the bar.  And yes, it was real.  Apparently, this cat was found within the walls of this piece of coolness.  The bartender said that it was pretty normal for cats to be mistakenly built inside the walls of a building.  So I guess it is true about curiosity killing the cat.

There were also a few dead rats and stuff....which I'm sure were found dead inside the walls of this place.  Also, there was a dead tarantula...which I really didn't want to know the history about.  If I found out tarantulas roamed the grounds of Bury St Edmunds...sleep would no longer be something I would be able to do.

So, besides the dead animal decor, there were little quirky things to gawk and laugh at as well.  They had this cool swear box that clearly used to be a donation box.  And also, I guess these people really like pickled eggs, because they were in jars all over the place. *shiver*

Alrighty.  Let's talk about the people inside. Yes, people are actually able to fit inside....actually there was an article that stated that about 102 people were able to fit into this tiny place measuring about 15x7ft. 
 Here's a what a regular pub visitor would look like.  
just an average bloke.
BUT, to our enjoyment, whilst we were sipping on some of England's happy liquid, these lovely ladies popped in and that's when the fun began.

The guys I was with called them the "silver foxes"....the older version of a cougar.  They were cute and such a hoot and holler.  My cheek muscles were so tone and tight at the end of our drinking session from laughing and smiling so hard at them.  The whole time they were there they were flirting with a couple of the guys I was with and singing and dancing.  They sure knew how to drink too.  I felt that they probably were able to drink me under the counter.  Something I shall never forget.  EVER!

So last but not least..."what did you drink?"
Of course....I drank a couple of Guinnesses....AND this lovely little drink.  I saw the bartender drinking this, and because I'm a curious little cat, who doesn't get built within the walls of an establishment, I asked the bartender for one.  It's called a Toxic Waste and it was lovely.  The top part of the drink was Guinness and the bottom part was some sort of blue alcoholic beverage.  I don't know...but it was good.

So that was one of the many journeys I encountered this past week.  More to come later.

Hope you enjoyed this gem like I did!

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Chela said...

totally love it! When you come back to the US.. I will take to you this bar in Oakland called Van Kleefs! You will love the decor... it is so random there!