Thursday, 26 May 2011

From one Shore to another

Yes. This is a true TV trailer for a real TV show.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you "Geordie Shore." Uk's version of "Jersey Shore."
At first glance, when I saw the trailer on the telly, my eyes did a complete 180. They rolled like nobody's business.  I was like, "Um, no.  No one can emulate the beautiful guidos and guidettes that grace MTV's channel." But the more and more they showed the trailer, (which was pretty often.  I guess the more you show it, they will come.) and the fact that I obsess over "Jersey Shore" like it's no one's business,  I had to give it at least one try and see what this show was all about.

That was a bad idea, because......yeah.....I'm already addicted.

Although these characters are uncannily similar to those of the OG shore show, and the situations that take place also seem like deja' vu, I actually am able to push all of the biter status aside, and enjoy these UK characters.  They are complete hilar.  I mean, first of all, the guys are the nerdier version of the cool macho Jersey guys.  It's pretty endearing though. I think it's cute. And just like the Jersey fellas, they pull all types of easy BZs back to the pad and shag like no other. The gals are a lot more glam than the Jersey chicas, but over the top still. Also, the make-up on all of them combined can create a whole new chain of products.  They wear that much.  Another thing, that just makes me giggle to bits, is the fact that, just like the Jersey peeps, they tan like no one's business.  The only thing is, they are so fake tanned, they have created a new shade of orange.  It's WONDERFUL!

WHen I first watched the show, I mainly wanted to watch it to learn what the Hell a Geordie was. Pretty much it's a Guido from Essex. And for those of you who have no idea what Essex people are like, just think Beverly Hills.

Here, let Wikepedia tell you all about them.

Despite the fact that I tend to rewind certain clips due to the fact that I am Geordie accent impaired, the fools just entertain me by their body language and the way the look.  It amuses me so.  Another thing that I love about this show is that because I am not residing in prude little USA, the MTV here is a bit more lenient on their foul language and graphic sex scenes.  It makes me feel like a little kid watching a porno.  I know I shouldn't be watching it, because it's bad, but I'm a curious cat and it's just cool to watch!

If any of you could somehow find a way to watch this show in the states, I HIGHLY recommend.  I know I may have bad taste in shows. It's my guilty pleasure.  To me, the trashier the better....but just try it.  It's a good time....

Also...check this link out to meet the cast.  They're flippin fantastic

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