Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I'm with the Band

As I am sitting here on my couch wearing a non matching short and t-shirt set, I have suddenly been inspired to blog about a fashion trend that I have been noticing ova heah.


I've always been a lover of headbands.  There was even a time where I almost OD'ed on headbands, because I was a frequent user, and refused to stop.  I actually blamed my frequent usage on laziness.  Now, that I have more time to actually comb and fix my hair, headbands haven't really visited my head of tresses as much as it used to.  Until now......

Yes my dears, Headbands are back in fashion, and once again, I am a user.....

Although the headbands like so

have been on the trend wagon for quite some time....it's another type of headband that I have allowed on this dome of mine.  This type of headband is the hot piece at the moment, and they way these women wear these, make me want to grab their heads and cuddle them with glee.

Pretty damn cute.

Back in the day when headbands were as much a part of me as my nose, I tended to wear these pieces of cloth in a bohemian type of style.  I think I chose to wear it that way because I was an art student in college, and STARVING.  So being in that category, I immediately thought that I should fit the part and dress bohemian.

But that was me.

As I walk the streets of England, these colored pieces always pass my eye level. No matter what they wear this accessory with, their hair always looks great.  

One thing that amazes me about this accessory trend, is that, I have seen headbands worn with various types of outfits.  Be it sweats, dresses, shorts with tights, a bathing suit, it's like ketchup with anything.  Yummy.  WHo would have thought that a small piece of cloth can make such a huge fashion statement?

Yeah, I'm with this trend.....

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