Saturday, 21 May 2011

Bath Time

It's a beautiful sunny morning, my last Saturday off, and a week past a glorious visit to a glorious city. First of all, let me clarify what I meant by last Saturday off.  Yes BZs, I am officially off the unemployment list.  I got a jobby job!  Thank you, thank you.  Now mama can bring home some scrumptious bacon for me and the hubby to enjoy.  :)

So exactly a week ago today, the hubby and I decided to do a little last minute excursion after finding out that I became part of the workforce.  Setting our sights high by planning on going on a little weekender to another foreign land, it was soon ruined the by the idea of being broke for 2 weeks.  So we opted for a lighter option, and that was pick a place in England, and visit the hell out of it.  So we did, and this is where we went
This beautiful place called BATH.  

I must recommend to all people planning on setting foot on UK soil a visit to this place over yonder.  First of all, IT's DAMN BEAUTIFUL!
I mean, look
Beautiful streets. A little FYI, these streets were specially made high, to hold houses that housed the "pretty" people of Bath.  They were made high to avoid these "pretty" people from getting mud on their "pretty" clothes.  Vain.

Beautiful flats and their doors....

...and their columns...I put this one in for the Art buffs.  How amazing is the facade of this building????? I almost gizzed in my pants because this building had THREE different styled columns.  Yes, THREE!  Yeah, I'm an art nerd like that.  After grabbing the hell out of the lover's muscles, he looked at me as though I were some psycho nerd watching Starwars in 3D or something.  Whatevs....I got my hobbies....

Beautiful Roman baths

And beautiful children dancing beautifully to music in the streets.  

This place just oozed heart melt.  Every corner I turned, caused more mouth gaping, and eye widening on my face.  I was scared that if someone were to slap me on the back, that I may have had a permanent face that would have looked similar to this
And although I love art to bits, this was one art piece I did not want to sport on my face 24/7.

So let me talk about me and the hubby's journey.  First of all we did our favorite tour bus
The notorious "City sightiseeing Hop on and Off" tour bus.  This bus is amazing.  Not only does it give you a thorough tour of the city of your choice worldwide, but it also plays the the part of a taxi.  We can literally "hop on and off," hence the name, and galavant around any tourist spot we want.  I heart this bus.  I want to marry this bus, and create multiple mini buses with it.  No, not really, but in my heart I do.'s my little plug for that company....I should be getting some kind of referral discount or something.  (If any of you readers work for this company, or maybe even OWN this company, please take that thought into consideration.  Just sayen....)

But anyways, if it weren't for the bus, those previous pictures would not have existed.

Another thing that I loved about this bus here in Bath was that me and my por vida were the youngest folks on the tour.  I don't know what it is about them, but I get all geelgy whenever I see the elder and wiser people on vacay.  They seem so hip to me.  

So after this bus ride, and snapping pictures like crazy, all the while having to try and dodge tree branches and have frequent visits from falling foliage on my head and face, me and Ricardo then visited the place which Bath is most famous for.  The Roman Baths.
This place was amazeballs

Sigh....It's like I traveled to Italy via teleport.  
 First of all, the architecture was just like that of the beautiful country that holds a key to my heart.
Probably because the Romans used to once live in this glorious England city.
Here's some more info about the history and shizz on Bath and the Roman Baths


So Anyways, as I walked onto the same limestones that the Romans once touched, because these Baths are still OG material and condition, I felt like sporting a toga and speaking Latin.  Because Togas are not a hot fashion trend and no one would have understood my Latin, I remained normal.
So walking through these well kept ruins kept my imagination whirl winding.  Just think, naked Romans once frolicked within these walls, conversed about life, shedded the dirt off their back, hooked up, GTL'd, fist pumped, and everything else cool.  

I seriously did not want to leave the Baths.  It was just to out of this world, totally.  The only thing that got me excited to leave were the wonderful little shops outside waiting to collect my money.  So we left, deposited money until last cashier closed, and homested became or new destination. 

I must admit, as we were leaving Bath, I kept looking back with whistful eyes, and my hand reached out.  Like a little poor child in the movies leaving their parents to live their life as a young wife to an older richer man.  I watch too much TV. But yeah.....I was like that.

Sigh....I miss that place so.....I need a Bath....soon. 

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