Thursday, 19 May 2011

#1 por vida forever

One thing that sucks about being overseas, is missing out on certain TV shows. Although the UK has some FAB ones over here.....not all of them feature the same people that I drool over in the states.
Take this one for instance. My numero uno on my, "Who I would like to boink" list. The lovely and seeeexay Pitbull.
When I heard that he performed on "Dancing With the Stars" via Twitter, I almost threw my phone at the Telly. I was so upset I missed this yummy Latino man thrusting his crotch in the air to rhythmic beats. But after gaining my composure, I thought about Youtube. Thanks Youtube, you saved my Tv's life
So here's the clip that I missed, and I have watched it several times, all the time feeling like a pervo watching a young woman riding a horse. I swear, Besides my hubby, of course, Pitbull is the only man that makes me feel like that. Daaaaaaaleeeeee!!!!!

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