Monday, 16 May 2011

Oh you Fancy huh?

OK.  English class is in session again.

Guess what?  Today's word is actually going to be a phrase today.  Yaaaay!  Today's phrase is "Fancy dress."

First, when you hear this word, what do you think of?
Well, when I first heard it, the first thought that popped into my mind was Swizz beats rappin with Mary J Bleige and my number 8 (who, btw...will be closer to number one in a future blog) Drake.  I mean, "fancy dress" to me is nails did,

 hair did,

everything with swag,

 fresh and so clean clean, glam, pretty much, TA-DOW!  Anything that would make, "Oooooh you're so fancy," ooze with awe out of my mouth is what I would call "fancy dress."

Well. England style, that phrase has taken on a whole other meaning.  "Fancy Dress" defines this.....

Looking.  Bloody.  Rediculous.

Get the idea?  Yes, so pretty much if you were to define this type of dress in the states, it would be called "costume party" or "dress up."

So yeah, I've been watching this show over here where it consists of people throwing a dinner party for 4 or 5 different strangers to win some money.  Well, in a majority of the invites, "fancy dress"is requested by the host.  
I must say, when I first heard that phrase on the show, and saw the host appear in a costume, so much criticism had arisen into my fashionable mind.  First of all, she dressed up as a clown.  At first thought, I was like " oooh girl looks like a clown! Someone needs to do her make-up,  she is soooo not fancy."  I wanted to jump into the TV and hold up some fab looking threads up to her to show her what fancy looked like.  Then, the next guest on the show appeared, and they were dressed like a witch.  Right then and there, I was so damn confused.  I seriously believed that the Brits has some horrible taste.  Then I rewinded the show to see if I heard the dress code was right, because things do tend to sound different in an accent.  Yup, 
"fancy dress."

Lordy, I looked so lost.  And then I realized....OOOOOk, fancy dress = Dress up.  
Then, I also realized, thank God no one invited me to a fancy dress party.  I totally would have glammed up to the nines thinking I looked absolutely awesome, when in actuality, I got the whole theme wrong.  I would have done a Bridget Jones in a bunny suit. HELLA  MODED!

But yeah.  That's the definition of "Fancy Dress."  

So in future British parties that you may attend that require that type of dress...please make this your official  advice session is preventing a fashion faux pas.

You're welcome.

Class dimissed. 

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