Friday, 6 May 2011

Boy is the new Sexy

Most men that I have encountered in my life, always told me that they loved my long hair.  In fact, they preferred women with long hair because they thought it was sexy.  After hearing that all my life and having one little  short do' mishap, I began to believe that those long hair myths were true.  I seriously thought that if you wanted to look exotic or yummy sexy, long hair would help you get to that position.  Also, after extensive research of staring at other women, I discovered the amount of women with long hair and boyfriends over took the single women with short hair.

WELLLL after residing over here for some time already and seeing a different type of fashion sense.... I now beg to differ.

Hot dayum!  I seriously think that short hair is dang SEXAY.  I mean, if you could pull off a short do' and still have sexy ooze from your persona, then yeah.  You're sexy.  Looking at the couples over here, I've discovered that most of them have matching haircuts.  It's awesome though.  Whenever I see a woman with a pixie type haircut walk past me, I zone out and look like a crazed lunatic with a foot fetish.  I just cannot believe that someone could have hair that short and still look so feminine.  

I'm super close to actually joining the short hair cult.  Some of these Bitches just make it look so cute!
Here's a few examples of tresses walk around the UK streets

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