Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Oh Yeah.....fatty.....

Because of England, my ass has officially created its own little village.  It's gotten pretty massive.  I mean, it's always been pretty hefty, but now it's just......TA DOW!  I know it's pleasing to most of the opposite sex's eyes, including the love of my life, but when I put on a pair of pants that used to be my regular size....and seeing the effect my ass has on those once, "used to be my size" pants, it's not a pretty sight.

But despite my growing hindside, thanks to England,   TV and yummies have frequently occupied my mouth with such joy.  Then the joy later pays a visit to other parts of my body.  Further forming a  meeting point south of my anatomy....hence creating my village.  But I'm not dwelling upon it....I just mention it a lot, to make myself feel better......yah know?

So let's talk about one of the many joys that visit my food made village.  It's called Banoffee pie.

Now, I've heard of this pie when I was still a Cali resident, but ever since I got here, boy, it's  EV- ERRR- EEEE- WHERRRE!  I see it on the telly, in every cooking book, supermarkets, menus, on a spoon about to enter my mouth, yes, everywhere.  At first when I saw this sweet in writing...being that banana was part of the name, I refused to try it.  Bananas are not my steelo.  They are the only fruit that make my throat itch for some strange reason.  Just a little FYI.... but yeah, I don't really care for them. day, when the lover and I attended a potluck, me, being a dessert lover, made a mad dash for the desserts because homemade desserts are always Yum-O.  After seeing what was brought, I was highly disappointed.  Nothing was worthy of my drool.  They. Looked. Horrible.  Except for this one little pie that exuded yum.  It was a banoffee pie.  Being desperate to try something sweet, I took a slice.  That slice later turned into 2...and I was hooked.

So shaking like a crack addict, I then researched for recipes.  But then, thanks again to England, TV shows tended to get in the away of my research studies....and my homemade banoffee pie was never conceived.    Then during one of me and the hubby's supermarket excursions, it was right then and there this crack addict found her permanent dealer.  The supermarket down the street from my heez carries ready made banoffees pie.....and I must say, they are pretty legit.  

So after squealing with glee, I grabbed a box, purchased it like a kid in a candy shop, rushed home and birthed the banoffee pies out of the plastic shopping bag.  I then took out one ramekin and my eyes grew to the size of golf balls.  First of all, this bad boy comes in glass dishes.

Second of all, the packaging looked mad posh.  I'm a sucker for pretty looking things.

 Third of all, after making my first scoop, my mouth felt sexy.
Seriously, it felt like this

 All kinds of obscenities where going on in my mouth right then and there.

This is why this was so good.  The top layer was chocolate, which comes in handy once a month.  Then underneath the chocolate are 2 creamy layers of come kind of cream and smooth toffee.  (BTW, the toffee over here in England is a good mixture of caramel and condense milk.'s the devil.)  Then the end of your banoffee bite is a layer of the crust.  I must say, the crust is my favorite part.  When I munch on it, it's like I'm chewing a spoonful of sugary sand.  Crunchy and sweet, rather than soggy and tasteless.  Pretty impressive for a ready made dessert in a supermarket.  But my whole banoffee pie experience doesn't end until every part of that ramekin is scraped, or even licked dry.  It's too precious to waste any of its goodness.  This is actually the closest thing I have had that was better than sex.

Anyways......I had to recently contain myself from emptying out the shelf each week of this dessert, due to my expanding village.  So from buying these each week, I then made it to once a month....during the time when sweets are a must to sooth my mood.  And I must tell you whenever that time of the month comes, I eat that banoffee pie with such joy, therefor increasing my village population.  Thanks England.

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